Thursday, May 31, 2012

Add an Applique, Add Some Sass

My favorite fabric store (within reasonable travel distance) has this most wonderful attraction. It's called the applique bin. In this bin are all manner of crocheted, woven, lacy, bedazzled appliques and adornments that one saavy and crafty fashionista can purchase for very little money (I'm talking a buck or two a piece). While I was digging through this bin for the prettiest of pretty to take home with me, I got to thinking what I could do to spice up the ol' wardrobe with just one of these. Check how I did it after the breaky-poo.

Just one of four applique bins at Fabric Place Basement, Natick MA

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obsession Alert: White Shoes for Summer

As Summer is fast approaching and because I am pretty much always thinking about shoes, I wondered what the new frontier would be in my shoe closet. I most definitely have attacked the platform trend with a vengeance. I have plenty of colors. The staples are there, browns, blacks and neutral tones... but what is left? Since I am saving/paying/sort of saving for a wedding, house and all that jazz, I have to really justify spending money on new shoes... and by justify, I mean "explain to the man why I bought them." Anyhoo, as I searched for my newest additions, I realized that my shoe wardrobe is seriously lacking white for Summer!

Melissa Peace Printed Tassel Wedges

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding Ideas

So as we creep into June (well in a couple days), I am inspired to think more about my wedding that is to happen January 5th, 2013. A "Winter" wedding, I have tons of ideas swirling around in my head about what I want to do, how I want to decorate, what colors I want to use... and the list goes on. One thing that has been hard to relay to people, mainly the man and those who would be involved with the actual set up, is what my "vision" actually is. I know that I want a Vintage wedding, but vintage can go many ways. My friend Nathalie is getting married in September and she is having her wedding at this very vintage venue but more glamorous vintage, like stained glass windows, dark woodwork glamorous. We are having our wedding in an old town meeting house and the party in a fancy barn. I would think this falls into the "Rustic" Vintage/ Shabby Chic, genre. This is very hard to explain to a man. I am hoping this post will prove to garner some opinions from you folks and also give the man an idea of where my mind is at.

Sturdy assorted succulents for our centerpieces

Monday, May 28, 2012

nuNAAT Keratin Touch Treatment Giveaway

Do you guys remember my post on the nuNAAT Keratin Touch Treatment and my experience with it? Well, when I posted that review, the gals over at NuNAAT took notice and totally wanted to give a kit to one of my readers. Since a couple of you already asked me about this kit and where you could get it, I told them that I would love to have a giveaway on Prim and Propah. This kit, was admittedly, not what I would usually use in my hair care regimen but I was truly pleased with how this worked on my hair. Would you like to try this out for yourself, courtesy of nuNAAT? Well, check it...

  • Smoothens frizz, curls and waves
  • Reduces volume
  • Great for all hair types
  • Exclusive Green Keratin formula seals in nutrients, and retains flexibility and shine
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • Compatible with chemically-processed hair
  • Formaldehyde and sodium chloride free

Each kit comes with

  • Ultra Care Shampoo
  • Ultra Smoothing Gloss
  • Ultra Care Conditioner
  • Disposable gloves
  • Step-by-step How-to instructions
Visit our to see how it works

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment on this post, letting me know what you did for Memorial Day Weekend! Make sure you leave your email so I can contact you if you win!

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*This giveaway runs from Monday, May 28th, 2012 through Sunday June 10th, 2012. This giveaway is for US Residents only. nuNAAT Keratin Touch Treatment prize is provided by nuNAAT. Original kit that I tried was not provided by nuNAAT, my opinions are 100% my own.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Outfit Post: My New (Old) Denim Jacket

My mother and I live states and states away from one another but when we get together, there is always one thing that we must be sure to do... go thrifting. We have our favorite spots in NC ( a Goodwill close to her house) and of course our old stomping grounds in MA (a couple of Salvation Army's and The Garment District). As you can imagine, when she was up this past week, we had to hit up ol' Salvation Army in Gardner Mass after we had lunch with my Grandma. This particular day, we made out like bandits because us thrifty gals, picked our goods up for pretty much 50% off everything. My pride and joy of the day? A GAP jean jacket that I estimate is from around 2004 (yes, I can guesstimate a season). Don't fret about this not being in style. I am making this jacket a new Summer staple, you just wait and see.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy and Blah

I have been terribly busy lately. We have recently started house hunting (and put an offer in on, had offer accepted on and ended up back in house buying limbo on a dreamy house), we are planning a wedding which is coming along (we just placed the order for the succulents for the centerpieces), the mothers were up this past weekend (we bought the dress), I just registered for my Summer Fashion Illustration class... all in all, these are really happy exciting things but right now, I am just blah at this point. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and have seriously been slacking on the blog, which I will always tell you is something that is so important to me. I haven't had time to cultivate the interesting content that I really like to share and that also is the most popular. The creativity has been stifled due to the massive amounts of energy being spent in every other facet of my life. If this blog is so important to me, wouldn't I make the time for it?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cannes Film Festival Fashion

Yet another red carpet worthy fashion fiesta... yep, I am talkin' about Cannes Film Festival. To me, it seems like such a fantastic locale with fashion galore. Lots of good stuff going on (like seeing that cutie Ewan McGregor in a handsome suit). Some of my favorite looks came from Freida Pinto and Diane Kruger but of course there is a sprinkling of Tilda Swinton.

Indian actress Freida Pinto in a pretty peplum design by Michael Angel

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obsession Alert: Deborah Courtoy A/W 2012

I am like super into gowns lately, well you know, because I am getting married. Since I haven't yet purchases a dress, I am even entertaining the idea of an evening gown instead of a traditional gown. I mean at this point, I am open to anything as long as it is in the white color family and isn't too risque for a church. Anyhoo, I was immediately impressed with the Deborah Courtoy A/W 2012 gowns when they were introduced to me earlier this week. They are feminine without going over the top aaaaaaaand you know, I like my clothes to be a lil' sassy. Deborah's designs fit that bill.

Deborah Courtoy A/A 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Black and White, Always in Style

I know this is nothing new but Black and White style is in... always has been in... and always will be in. Sadly, I have been feeling like my black and white wardrobe is lacking that extra something so decided to go on the lookout for that something. Some of my favorite black and white looks are below. These gals are super sassy even with no pops of color. Tre chic!

Emma Roberts sequined Rachel Zoe Collection dress, Cameron Diaz in a breezy unbuttoned Stella McCartney blouse and wide-leg trousers and Diane Kruger in a polka-dot Diane von Furstenberg dress.

I felt the need to shop people and there was a 25% off your entire order from that I just couldn't let pass me "buy". I went in with the express direction of picking out some black and white buys that will be good transition from Spring into Summer and maybe perhaps, good for work. I have come to terms with my love of dresses and if that is what makes me comfortable then I see no problem buying a new one.  I found some pretty amazing options in my size, and actually some were on sale. I have shopped Dorothy Perkins before so I trust their service and quality for my money. Want to see what is en route to me now? Do you think they are sassy enough? I'll obviously have to let you know what I think and maybe do an outfit post ;-)

 Black White 2 in 1 Dress, and Black and White Tapered Pants,, White Palm Print Dress,

What do you think of my black and white buys?

Monday, May 14, 2012

NuNAAT Keratin Touch Treatment

I am always up for a new treat, hair wise. I mean, my luscious locks are my trademark after all (cue laughter) so why not do everything possible to make it as stunning as possible. Am I right? I was pretty excited to try to the nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch kit. If you are not familiar with Keratin treatments you can check out this site which I found pretty informative on the topic. Done at a salon, this treatment of your hair can be upwards of $200 and giiiiiirl, I am planning a wedding; I can't be shelling that out for my hair right now. So what did I think of this kit, which is substantially more affordable at $24.95? Check my hair in a post last week to see how it lacked refinement...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rihanna's Crush Worthy Bangles by Ben-Amun

You might be somewhat aware of my crush on jewelry by Ben-Amun (ahem, check previous post here and also his designs at the CLC show this past season) so when I found out that Rhianna rocked some Ben-Amun bangles on SNL this past weekend... well, I just had to share. I love her toned down look but these bangles give her an exotic edge without going overboard on the Battleship. Get it? Rhianna is in Battleship. Ok, never mind. Look at the pretty jewelry.

Rihanna in assorted Ben-Amun bangles, Saturday Night Live 5/5/12

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Bridal Industry Confuses Me

So as you all are probably aware, I am scheduled to be married on January 5th, 2013. This should be one of the happiest times of my life. I am planning my dream wedding. Heck, the man let me get the photo booth that I wanted. This is my time! Well, turns out my time is not as fun as I had originally thought it to be. What is the one thing that every bride thinks will be the most amazing and inspiring experience? That's right... trying on and choosing her wedding dress. Unfortunately, I am off to a really rocky, and defeated, start.

The Breathtaking Bride

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

JCrew and Indego Africa Partner on Fair Trade Bracelets

“Indego went above and beyond in the name of empowerment, creating a business training program to encourage entrepreneurship and independence among the artisans. Woven from locally sourced Dutch wax cloth—and individually signed by the artists—these brightly hued pieces might just be the ultimate friendship bracelets.” –
I love a good charitable purchase, meaning I love to buy something and have proceeds go towards a really great cause. J Crew just added another retailer to my list of retailers to admire for this option. J Crew has started working with Indego Africa, selling 3 different color cloth wrap bracelets for $22.50 on their website and in stores.

Indego Africa is a nonprofit enterprise that partners with women artisans in Rwanda to bring their brilliantly colored and completely handcrafted pieces to the rest of the world. And that's just the beginning of the company's commitment to social change: Indego went above and beyond in the name of empowerment, creating a business training program to encourage entrepreneurship and independence among the artisans. Woven from locally sourced Dutch wax cloth—and individually signed by the artists—these brightly hued pieces might just be the ultimate friendship bracelets.

So will you be picking one up?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

$20 Ebay Trend Challenge, Cat Eye Sunglasses

So I don't know about you guys but I am always hungry to try new trends but the trouble with trying things is that it costs money, people! I don't have oodles of money these days, what with a wedding in the works, a new house on the horizon (yes!) and a big school payment coming up. So what is a girl to do if she wants to "get the look" but doesn't want to spend her savings on it? Well, I am here to tell you that I think an under appreciated resource for getting the look for less is I love Ebay. I have the app on my iphone (dangerous) and I think that when I tell people that I got something from Ebay, that they should not scoff at me but rather tell me how impressed they are with my mad money saving skills. So anyway, I decided to challenge myself to pick up on some trends then pick them up on Ebay for $20 or less, shipping included. Let's start this challenge as simply as possible: The Cat Eye Sunglasses trend.

Allure Magazine, May 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fave Looks from Met Gala 2012

The Met Ball was tonight and O.M.G. was there ever fashion. What is the Met Gala you ask? Well I took the initiative to copy and paste the Wikipedia entry right here for you: "The Costume Institute Gala (or Costume Institute Ball), known as the Met Ball and nicknamed the "Oscars of the East Coast", is an annual ball that celebrates the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum's (The Met) fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. The red carpet evening where celebrities arrive dressed to impress is described as the fashion industry's "Night of Nights". Fashion industry experts and style magazines consider the event, which is hosted by Vogue, to be the fashion world's best red carpet event. It is regarded as the top annual social event in New York City. The event has been an annual affair at the Met since 1948 (the year in which the Costume Institute was founded), but it has been held in different parts of the museum over the years."
So what did I love fashion wise?  

Gorgeous in Gold: Jessica Paré in L'Wren Scott, Bianca Brandolini D'Adda in Dolce & Gabbana and Kate Upton in Michael Kors (All Getty Photos)

Outfit Post: Sunday Funday

So I took Friday off this week and went to NYC to see a friend of mine. I am in her wedding this Fall and she is in mine the following Winter. Needless to say, we like each other. I didn't do it full force fashion this weekend because really, we were going to get Bridesmaid dresses and as a means of being efficient, I wore flats. I did, however, want to wear my new shoes when I returned home on Sunday. I love these things; they are my new pride and joy. Oh, and I wore other things too...

So what did you guys do this weekend? Oh, and what did you wear? 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Tassel Necklace, Maybe

I was really inspired by tassel necklaces popping up all over the place, mainly this one from Jewelmint and another from Asos... I thought they looked pretty easy to make so I decided to embark on an adventure in jewelry making. This is where I start to think about what it will actually take to make once of these... well, turns out, I could only sort of make one of these.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Intro to Creative Fashion Design, Complete

So I am so excited to say that I have my first fashion design class under my belt. Last night was the final session of my Intro to Creative Fashion Design class and I am pretty proud so say that I made it through, relatively unscathed. I have to say that this class has left me invigorated but also acutely aware of the commitment that I am making. I work a full time job and took this class thinking that I would be able to complete it, no problem. The class was creatively demanding as well as had a bunch of projects, especially toward the end. I found myself nearing the final class, and realizing that I didn't manage my time well. Rushing is not exactly the way that you want to pull the creativity out; I find it is better to let things grow organically... which I will leave more time for in the future. You may have heard that I was accepted into the Fashion Design Program. I am extremely excited and a little nervous, but mostly excited. Up next? I am taking a Fashion Illustration course this Summer. I am really looking forward to filling my fashion toolbox with all sorts of useful knowledge. For now though? I am appreciating the free time I have for the next couple months.

Cinco de Mayo Style a la Skinnyscoop

With Cinco de Mayo coming up this Saturday (convenient) it's time to partay in style! My most recent list on Skinnyscoop is one geared towards taking your sassy Mexican inspired style to the level you are most comfortable with. Me personally? I am pining for some of the many Nanette Lepore dresses that seem to embrace the fiesta fashionista attitude!

Do you have any favorite senorita inspired looks that you rock?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mint Fever has Hit Me!

I am like soooooooo digging minty fresh colors these days. I get that so is everyone else but that doesn't mean that I love it any less... well sometimes, I like to go against trends, but not in this case. There are a couple of minty images that have really made me crush harder ( I will pause here for you take in the splendor)... Am I right? Disclaimer: I pretty much love whatever Rachel McAdams does. Mint it is.