Friday, August 27, 2021

Monster Pop, a Total Hit Over Here!

 *This post was created in collaboration with Monster Pop and MomsMeet. All opinions are my own and as always, thank you for supporting me and the brands that help make PrimandPropah possible.

We recently received a great sampling of Monster Pop popcorn. I could stop the review here by saying this "it didn't last long!" My family devoured this in a multitude of ways and truth be told, I tossed some bags in our tote for a pool party and the beach, and other kids were instantly enamored as well! I think that the monster on the bag piqued their interest but the actual product is what kept them coming back for more! Both bags were empty in no time.

As a mom of two, I have come to realize that even though I want to always create the most ideal foods for my little guys, sometimes I want the best AND easiest foods to make my life a little less stressful. After the last year or so that we've had here, cute and healthy snack options are more than welcome in this house. I love that I can throw some popcorn in a bowl for movie night and since Monster Pop is not greasy like some bagged popcorn, I don't have to worry about dirty hands wiping their business all over clothes and couches haha! No artificial ingredients and two great flavors! We love the cheese but are more partial to the butter flavor for that classic popcorn feel! What do you say? Want to give Monster Pop a try?

A poem by Monster Pop:

"When your kids munch our popcorn,
Each kernel they eat,
Is a healthy and natural,
Gluten-free treat.
No high-fructose corn-syrup,
All whole grain. Nothing fake.
Delicious nutrition
In each handful they take."

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