Monday, October 12, 2020

Peach and a Continually Cool Partnership

 *I have been a Peach ambassador for a couple of years now so you know that when I am talking about Peach it is due to a great partnership where both parties sincerely value one another!

I have been working with Peach for a couple of years now and I am always grateful when they reach out for another campaign or capsule collection. As someone who doesn't fit the mold when it comes to "high style, thin type" influencer, their focus on real, active women, in their real, active lives, is something that always impresses me. They work as a team, for their team and for their community of stylists, ambassadors and customers.

You'll continue to see me sporting their gear, talking about their initiatives, like their Thrive Workshops and how they are contributing to their community through cool events and virtual meet ups. When a brand isn't just trying to sell you stuff, but actually cares about creating a relationship, I pretty much love that.

On October 15th, you can join one of their signature Thrive Workshops! Yes, they are opening it up to their community beyond stylists and ambassadors. How cool is that? I loved this workshop when I participated last year. You basically take an assessment that helps you dig into your internal strengths, tapping into what you're truly good at, whether you know it or not!

Thrive Workshop: Unleash Your Superpowers

October 15th at 7PM ET
Tickets $35

Use promo code: AMANDA10
This will treat you to $10 off the ticket price for the workshop!

Get excited to dig into discovering your internal strengths and celebrating the uniqueness that is YOU. The outcome of this work can help you to discover your true north in the headwinds of today.

In a 75-minute interactive presentation, we will explore:
1. How to identify your signature internal strengths
2. How to operationalize and optimize these strengths for growth
3. How to flip the script on “weaknesses”

Each attendee will receive a link to take their own strengths assessment ahead of time so your results can be discussed at the event.

Attendees will also receive an exclusive discount to purchase our Strengths Bracelets so you can wear your strengths with pride and remind yourself that you are uniquely YOU!

Taking the character traits assessment through Peach's Thrive Workshop was so interesting and fun, too! The assessment itself didn't take very long to complete and once I was given my top strengths, I sort of felt encouraged by what I have always found to be one of my best qualities (honesty) coming up right on top of my list.

The team at Peach explained that this strength, and the others, can be more than just the literal interpretation. Yes, I am honest but I also approach things in my life in an honest and authentic way. That totally resonated with me. It's very cool how once you know what your top character strengths are, that you can see how you are actually living them. And maybe something I thought I represented, like being full of Zest, landed closer to the bottom. It's OK if "Zest" isn't one of my top strengths and focusing my energy there, isn't a valuable use of my time. The workshop really gave me some things to think about and great insight.

They break down your Top 5 and explain what each means and could mean for you. My Character Strength report came with individual highlights of my top Strengths (Honesty, Gratitude, Kindness, Humor and Fairness) and short journaling prompts for each one. This workshop was great, especially if you're looking to dive deeper into what makes you tick! I would recommend it for sure!

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In this post I am wearing the 7/8 reversible leggings, in deep blue camo, the Harper Bra in deep blue camo,  the Akari Anorak, the Peach signature branded cap. and the Kristina Seamless Legging.

You can find Peach online, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Friday, October 9, 2020

Country Life Gut Connection™ Kids

*This post was created in collaboration with MomsMeet and Country Life. All opinions are my own and like with anything, please do your own researcg before purchasing a product for yourself... and thank you, as always, for supporting Prim and Propah. 

You may remember that I talked about Country Life before, when I tried the Gut Connection supplements specfically designed for adults. Well this time around, Country Life sent me the supplement line designed just for our kids. Country Life is introducing Gut Connection™ Kids, which is a natural extension of the popular adult line. With fun and tasty animal-shaped chewables, and a delicious chocolate powder, they designed these so our kids will love taking their supplements. They come with different variants for specific issues that your kids might be experiencing. 

Digestive Balance™ focuses on providing your kids with the nutrients they need to maintain good gut and immune health, help reduce occasional bloating or discomfort, and even improve weekly bowel movements.

Cognitive Balance™ contains a powerful prebiotic blend to maintain gut health and support communication between your kids central nervous and digestive systems.

Immune Balance™ is a scientifically formulated blend of prebiotics balanced with other immune-supporting ingredients to support a strong & healthy immune system and improve gut microbiome health.

Sleep Balance™ a seamless combination of helpful gut-focused ingredients, each serving contains Lactium, a patented bioactive peptide coming from milk, used widely in Europe to help reduce stress so that your kids can fall asleep faster & longer

I will say that with anything you're putting in your body, and especially the bodies of your growing children, it's important to do some of your own research to determine what, if any, type of prebiotic supplements that your kids might need to take. What are prebiotics? Prebiotics are special plant fibers that help healthy bacteria grow in your gut. This makes your digestive system work better. via WebMD

For instance, we do not have any real issues getting my kids to sleep (knock on wood) so we do not need to use Sleep Balance. But on the other hand, am I looking for ways to safely boost my kids immunity at this stage of the game? Yes, so Immune Balance piqued my interest right from the get-go. This wouldn't be appropriate for my youngest because it is important to note that these are for children 4 years old and up.

What I love about Country Life is that they have a Money Back Guarantee. You can literally fill out a form if you aren't happy with the product for any reason. So if you feel like you have done your research, spoken with your pediatrician and these supplements are something you're interested in, you can be sure that you'll be able to try without too much worry about wasting money.

You can find Country Life on their site, Facebook, twitter and Instagram! Use code MOMS20 for 20% off of your order!