Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why the Folks on "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" are Good People

So, it's no secret that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, TLC's hit show that follows a spunky pageant hopeful from Toddlers and Tiaras and her family, has certainly made it's mark in a very short amount of time. Most look at the Thompson family, self proclaimed rednecks, and instantly judge them. I have heard radio commentors and read articles that talk about the family's weight, their accents and their income level but I have yet to hear people talk about what a supporting and accepting family that they truly are, although this article touches on it. The man and I happily watch this family that does not take themselves too seriously and really does make the most out of life in what some would consider some pretty bad circumstances. I find this crew to be rough around the edges but full of love and light.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obsession Alert: Dries Van Noten Spring 2013 RTW

Obsession Alert! Obsession Alert! Obsession Alert! Dries Van Noten's Spring 2013 Ready to Wear line is absolutely my favorite line, pretty much ever... and that is saying a lot. Maybe because it channeled 90's grunge, baby doll dresses, florals, sheer fabrics and elastic waist bands all into one collection or maybe it's just because it all looked sooooooo good. I don't know but what I do know is that I might just have to save all my money comes Spring time so I can pick up one DVN item for my very own.

Tim Blanks of summed it up beautifully:

 "It was simplest, coolest in an oversize gray sweater (cashmere), layered with a plaid shirt (organza, again) hanging loose over floral-print pants (mousseline) over shorts (couldn't see). It was more complex when couture-friendly silhouettes, like emphasized hips on jackets, sack backs, peplums, or smock sleeves, were stirred into the mix with clashing plaids or faded florals, the latter absorbed from the dresses of the women in the Lucian Freud retrospective that Van Noten had seen and loved in London. One floral slipdress turned to reveal a plaid back, which felt like a straightforward distillation of the boy/girl thing. And those flowers were important too, because they were all screen-printed. Dries turned his back on the digital world, for this season at least, in favor of the pure craft of the human hand. "

OK, now I'll let you look at the pictures:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles

Last night before Pattern Drafting, our professor had us meet her at the opening reception for the Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles. I, admittedly, had never heard of Zandra Rhodes ( I know, gasp!) but once I saw this exhibit, I had to do some major Googling. To see the history of her textiles in one room, was truly an awesome experience, especially for a lover of fabric like me. The only real issue that I had with this amazing exhibit is that it was too small but perhaps I'll need to visit again and examine things more closely, with a smaller crowd. A feast for the eyes, Zandra Rhodes textiles and fashion designs are works of art, in and of themselves.  Check out what I mean, after the jump...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pattern Drafting, an Adventure

So I am going to my third Pattern Drafting class tonight. I am not going to lie, it kind of stresses me out a little. This class has required a real textbook, like the ones you pay $100 for and weigh more than your kitten. This class has already had homework that involves math (hey, you have to add inches to expand patterns) and this class keeps us right up until the last minute, meaning that class starts at 6pm and in past classes we have left around 930... not with pattern drafting. We are in class and working up until 10pm plus so that we can squeeze every last lesson in. While I appreciate the learning (it's why I am there, after all), Mondays are a super full day for me, to the point where I am pretty whiny when I get home to my man and furbabies.

It's a class full of diversity and different experience levels so I am certainly making more friends but more importantly I am building my knowledge base for design. I suppose when you are working toward a goal, in this case my dream to someday design fashion in some capacity, you have to make sacrifices and work through those days where energy is lower than you would like. Sometimes I need that push from the man, or my friends or my readers but I am motivated to keep on, keeping on. It's not always easy, and this class is going to make that point, but it's important to keep on moving because it's an adventure and one I know I want to be on.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Fall Colors: Rust, Plum and Emerald

I am hopped up and ready for Fall shopping, aren't you? I have decided that my Fall colors are going to be based around the following: Emerald, Rust and Plum. I love these rich tones that are perfect for the Falling leaves and cooler weather. I am looking to spend my money very wisely this Fall because of the you know what... but I am still itching to pick up some of my fave items in my new fave colors. Check it out.
Sofft Manhattan in Emerald Green, Essie Going Incognito Nail Polish, J. Crew Collection Cafe Capri in Jade Jaquard, Sela's Green Crystal Fan Earrings, You and Me Forever Dress in Green, Ann Taylor Exotic Skinny Belt

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hpnotiq's Primp & Prep is so Prim and Propah!

This post brought to you by Hpnotiq. All opinions are 100% mine.


With my bachelorette party in the works (I mean, I know my girls are planning it), I know that I need to start getting myself geared up to have a great night out with my ladies! Whether we are hitting the clubs or bar hopping, we will obviously need to get ready in style, which is why I am pretty stoked about Hpnotiq's new launch of "Primp and Prep"! Primp & Prep with your girls is all about getting ready before hitting the town in style! "Who's wearing what?" "Can I borrow that shirt?" "Those earrings look fabulous!" "Oh, turn this song up, it's my favorite!" This is the calm before you and your girls take the clubs by storm. Primp & Prep! is an exclusive online site on Hpnotiq, one stop shop, where girls can go to get all of their beauty, fashion, style tips, gossip, music etc. before they hit the town for their girls night out. Doesn't this all sound so spot on for a righteous girls' night out?!

I think that my favorite aspect of this site, is it's purpose. It literally exists to "get the party started". Do you want to mix up some drinks before heading out? They have a great recipe sections where you can get hooked up with their recipes and even share your own. Do you want a playlist with the music precisely geared toward getting everyone psyched for hitting the dance floor? Well, Primp & Prep has it's own Pandora set up, so there's that. The Primp & Prep mantra?  "hair down, music up!" Let's party with Hpnotiq and their pretty fabulous site geared toward having a great time. I know I am down with that. Visit the Primp & Prep site tonight or any night you are heading out with your girls. You will certainly not be disappointed!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dove® Clinical Protection and Goodie Bag Giveaway!

Dove® has always treated me like a queen and basically has a great attitude towards us ladies and our self esteem. I mean, have you checked out their ad campaign geared towards making us feel good about ourselves? I know that it's something I really appreciate. Besides that self esteem boosting campaign, nothing takes care of my bod better than Dove® products. I am sure you remember me mentioning that I always carry a deodorant with me (yes, I have no shame) and for as long as I can remember, seriously, I have been using Dove® brand... most recently the Dove® Clinical Protection. It's a great, feminine and strong product that I highly recommend to you guys... and I am not fibbing. Love it!

Do you want to win some goodies from Dove® similar to the goodie bag they sent me? I don't see why you wouldn't! Check it out after the jump!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kirna Zabête for Target

Parisian Nights Shirt Dress, $39.99

Kirna Zabête for Target hit the shops at Target touting chic designs smartly edited for the style-savvy woman... and I would have to agree with the claim. While I was not crazy about The Shops at Target launch, because I had sour experiences in the past (remember Missoni for Target?)


Kirna Zabête for Target hit the Shops at Target touting chic designs smartly edited for the style-savvy woman... and I would have to agree with the claim. While I was not initially crazy about The Shops at Target launch (remember my sour experience with Missoni for Target?), I really do love a TON of the looks that this mini collection for the mass retailer has brought to a very attainable market. The dresses are smart, the prints are modern and above all else, damn that shiz is affordable.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Help promote, preserve and save New York city as Fashion capital of the world. I just grabbed this cool and worthwhile tee from Print Liberation in order to support keeping fashion manufacturing in the USA. One of the movement is from Save the Garment Center, which you may have heard me mention before. Just like with any cause, if you believe in it, you need to support it. That includes donating money and time and also sharing information.

Print Liberation proceed products support various causes by donating a portion of sales to institutions, groups & individuals trying to make the world a better place.

For more about saving the garment center visit their website:

"Check" Out Nanette Lepore's Spring 2013 Line

 Dude, I think if Nanette Lepore knew how much I love her clothes and how I project that love onto her person, she would probably be pretty weirded out. Well, actually, the Nanette I imagine her to be wouldn't be weirded out at all so I shall move on. But seriously, I really love her clothes.

It wouldn't be a fashion week if I didn't check out what kind of fashion goodness Nanette is serving up. What did she bring to the table for Spring 2013? A hefty serving of awesome checked separates and toile, oh the toile!

What's more cool than her always spot on color choices? Nanette placed Obama-Biden pins on every seat in the house. "That's all we've been talking about backstage, so I had to do something," she said. "Women need to be strong, intelligent, and remember that in addition to clothes, these things are important too." Ugh, Nanette, why do you have to be so cool?

Check out my fave looks from Nanette's Spring collection after the jump. You will not be disappointed!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Outfit Post: I'm Thrifty

I always like to boast about a good deal that I get, even if that deal is from a thrift shop or vintage clothes boutique. If it's a steal, it's a steal! Just this past weekend, the man was out of town so what better to do with  my time than to take a trip to the Salvation Army a few towns over and much larger than my local joint. I came home with lots of goodies to wear and also to re-purpose. You can get so many interesting and somewhat outdated prints at a thrift store that you can bring right back up to speed if you really want to funk up your style. This outfit was pretty thrifty, so I am pretty proud.

Some of my steals from this past weekend

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I am Overstimulated By All the Same Information

Let me preface this post by labeling it as a RANT, because that is what it is. This week, the internets have been all a buzz about several fashion shows, the rumored pregnancy of a British Royal and the Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds nuptials... and I am sick of (almost) all of it. Like the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattenson breakup the weeks prior and the Snooki baby news around the same time, every person has the same information within hours of it being released. Didn't they say that news broke of Whitney Houston's death within minutes on Twitter? Let's be honest, good and bad news travels fast these days. With that being said, every news outlet and blogger is "reporting" on the same thing but all they are really doing is trying to sell it to you first and in different packaging. OK, let me sort of start over.

Rodarte SS13 Channels My Inner Nerd Girl

Rodarte's Spring Summer 2013 isn't exactly what you would call a "Ready to Wear" line full of versatile pieces for the every woman... no, the ladies of Rodarte pretty much made a bee line for lots of nerd girls, which is not a bad thing at all... I sort of am one. Won't you please join me on this fashion journey to a tricked out Medieval/ Game of Thrones/ Lord of the Rings/ Rock 'n Roll world where the Mulleavy girls reign supreme.

Source:Vivien Killilea/Getty Images North America

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th

Today is one of those days, one of those days that I just feel sad... my friend Sara said it best in her post today: "Today is one of those days when everyone over a certain age knows where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news.  Like Pearl Harbor a generation before us, September 11 becomes a date marker against which we measure time.  I awoke this morning thinking about where I was 11 years ago today; where I was going, who I was with, what my life was like then.

It's strange how 11 years have passed and yet it seems like it was yesterday, how something so tragic and traumatic stays with you, when you may no have even been close to New York on September 11th, 2001. That day is a wound that America has been trying to heal for years past and will for years to come. I know that I will reflect on this day, every year, for the rest of my life... and that is not a bad thing.  My thoughts and prayers are forever and ever with those families affected by the events of 09/11.

Monday, September 10, 2012

White Hot Catherine Malandrino SS13

The Spring/Summer 2013 looks from Catherine Malandrino were all very sassy and sexy in their own way. Embellishments, fringe and cutouts brought different details to a collection that Catherine says was inspired by the cities she shares her time between, New York City and Paris. What's more is that this line has so many individual pieces that Mama wants to wear... and the ones I want? They are all white. White Hot Catherine Malandrino. I can already see my Spring wardrobe being inspired by this line... and also some future DIY projects as well. I can see bejeweled, cutout madness in my future.

Check out some of my favorite white hot looks after the jump.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Nicholas K Spring 2013 RTW, LOVE

Photo: Yannis Vlamos/

I first noticed Nicholas K Studio last Fall with their SS12 collection that rocked my post apocalyptic cowboy world. Since then, I have been acutely aware of the fact that I am not as cool as I imagine the women who wear Nicholas K clothing would be. What this Nicholas K collection lacks in color (it's mostly beige, grey and black here, people), the SS13 looks more than makes up for in interesting details and super wearable, drape-y capes, jackets and hoods. Burnt out knits, soft fabrics and those huge glasses, oh how I need a pair. 

While I did notice that some of the pieces have a more slouchy, comfortable look to them, what strikes me most about this collection and past ones is that any strong woman would rock this sh!t in the real world, not just on the runway... well, maybe not the sock caps.

Check out some of my fave looks from yesterday's runway show after the jump.

Next Up, Pattern Drafting

So some of you may be wondering, those who care about my Fashion Design endeavors, if I will be taking a Fall class this year... despite those finals being less than a month before the day I am thinking about marrying someone. Well, as the ever busy glutton for punishment, I have registered for Pattern Drafting.

Pattern Drafting, will no doubt, be a little more informational that Intro to Creative Fashion Design was. ICFD class was super fun, fancy free and well, creative. We glued and sort of fooled around. It was like that last week of your Senior year where you didn't do much that seemed like work. I foolishly thought that every class would be this way, because this is my dream after all, right? "If I am passionate about it, it won't seem like work"... well, let's remember that I work full time, am planning a wedding and also am trying to lose weight. Fashion Illustration opened my eyes to what going back to school was going to be like. Fashion Illustration (condensed at that) was good preparation for this next class which will likely be a lot of "hard" learning. Fashion Illustration was super informative, my professor was very knowledgeable and to boot? My Illustrations are pretty freakin' good now (Someday when I am feeling brave, I will share some with you guys) buuuuuuuuuuuut it was a lot of work and truly a lot of learning. I spent many, many hours after work and on weekends laboring over things for class. I even had a meltdown the night before our final collections were due (resulting in tears over pork chops). It was, to be frank, a little stressful. Pattern Drafting will likely be the same. It is what is considered foundational and functional... yep, foundational. Don't know what Pattern Drafting is?

"Pattern Drafting is a form of drafting used to produce, through a series of stages, a graded paper pattern for sewing. Using body measurements, a pattern maker converts individual specifics into a series of straight lines and curves on template paper known as oak tag. During subsequent stages, those lines and curves determine how the garment is broken down into sections, cut and tested for fit, and ultimately converted to a reusable pattern. Specific methods and stages of pattern drafting vary from pattern maker to pattern maker, depending on each professional's chosen approach, any software used, and if the pattern is intended for eventual mass production."

I start class this coming Monday and am pretty excited to keep adding tools to my fashion toolbox. Should I keep updating you guys on my progress?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

5 Ways to Enjoy Fashion Week if You Aren't There

Note Dated Sept 2012: Today marks the start of New York Fashion Week. As you probably remember me saying (two days ago) that I won't be heading to NYC for Fashion week this Fall for a multitude of reasons. Part of me wants to sulk by myself, ignoring my Twitter feed full of #NYFW hashtags and bloggers living it up but most of me looooooves fashion and all that is new and shiny... so a girl has to be resourceful, and enjoy Fashion Week her own way.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bridal Shower Dresses, the Finalists

So it's about today that I am 4 months out from my wedding, I know crazy, right? So the next few months are going to be pretty fast paced and full of projects and things to do. One of the more exciting things on a bride's to do list is of course, her bridal shower. I want to look fierce that day so even though I have about a month to go before the day of my shower, I want to make sure that I have got my look planned to a t. My friend Steph tipped me off to having your make up trial the day of your shower, so, well, you have your make up professionally done for the occasion. I made that appointment. Now what am I going to wear? I have narrowed the dress down to three and I am hoping that you guys can give me your honest opinion, plus, I am trying this whole "put a poll in your blog post" thing.

So which dress do you like the best for a Fall bridal shower?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fashion Week is Upon Us... and I Can't Be There

This time last year I was preparing for battle with Target Online for a Missoni sweater (which I subsequently won) and also gearing up for a trip to NYC for my very first fashion week. It was at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that I found a stronger love for Nanette Lepore and a new found love for Improvd and Lincoln Center. I chased after Rachel Zoe. I hollered after Stanley Tucci. I attended a Glam Media dinner where I met my blog bff, Ty from Gorgeous in Grey. I left NYC last September with a a fervor for blogging and networking that I had not felt before.I was convinced that I would be at every fashion week until the end of time... and then I got engaged.

Fashion week is so super fun but barely anyone is getting a free ride. Unless you live in the Metro NYC area, you are going to have to pay your way to be in and around Lincoln Center during Mercedes Benz Fashion week. I was lucky enough to take the train but I know of bloggers who have to fly. Unless your blog or publication is making so much money that it can pay for your hotel in Manhattan, you are likely staying in Brooklyn or Queens, in order to afford the multiple nights' stay for your exciting fashion week. You are likely paying for this excursion with your own money, that you make at your day job, which you are taking vacation time from in order to be in the Metro NY area for MBFW. I know that until I can afford to quit my day job to blog, I will be paying my way to fashion week every time I go.

When one gets engaged, it also costs money. It is a happy time, a time of looking to the future for all the exciting things that you and your partner will do together, hopefully great things! It is also a time to plan a wedding! Be it big or small, that shiz is going to cost you money. Fashion week in February passed me by. We had just put the deposits on a whole bunch of stuff and I missed the early registration for MBFW so it was going to cost me more to register and I wouldn't have been guaranteed shows... but I promised myself I would make it in September... I lied to me.

I set a calendar update for the day registration opened for the SS13 shows. The day of, I filled out the registration all the way up until I went to pay for my pass. I looked at the calendar. Fashion week fell less than 2 weeks before my friend Nathalie's wedding, which I was taking time off for. I was getting ready to go to Chicago for her bachelorette. I had just given another chunk of money to our photographer, I had just paid for my Fall class... at that moment in time, I just couldn't pull the trigger to register for Fashion Week this year, which, on paper, looks a whole lot like a vacation. Let's face it, are the posts that I am going to write on fashion shows that I go to, going to break the mold of the ever growing fashion bloggersphere? Doubtful. Would I put my own spin on it? Of course, but at this stage in my 2012 game, I had to weigh the priorities.

I get married at the beginning of January and will be taking a huge chunk of time off of work, so while I would like to say that I will try to make it in February, I know in my heart that is going to be a tough one. Maybe next September, Ill have it together, but for this year, Fashion Week will be spent online.