Monday, September 24, 2012

Pattern Drafting, an Adventure

So I am going to my third Pattern Drafting class tonight. I am not going to lie, it kind of stresses me out a little. This class has required a real textbook, like the ones you pay $100 for and weigh more than your kitten. This class has already had homework that involves math (hey, you have to add inches to expand patterns) and this class keeps us right up until the last minute, meaning that class starts at 6pm and in past classes we have left around 930... not with pattern drafting. We are in class and working up until 10pm plus so that we can squeeze every last lesson in. While I appreciate the learning (it's why I am there, after all), Mondays are a super full day for me, to the point where I am pretty whiny when I get home to my man and furbabies.

It's a class full of diversity and different experience levels so I am certainly making more friends but more importantly I am building my knowledge base for design. I suppose when you are working toward a goal, in this case my dream to someday design fashion in some capacity, you have to make sacrifices and work through those days where energy is lower than you would like. Sometimes I need that push from the man, or my friends or my readers but I am motivated to keep on, keeping on. It's not always easy, and this class is going to make that point, but it's important to keep on moving because it's an adventure and one I know I want to be on.


  1. The Glamorous HousewifeSeptember 27, 2012 at 9:58 AM

    Ah yes, patternmaking. The bane of my existence for years! LOL! Would you believe I made a man's 3 piece suit once! Took me an entire school year. Though I hated patternmaking and never ended up making my own patterns once I became a designer, it is soooo important to know how to make one so you can communicate effectively with any patternmakers you hire. Keep at it because eventually everything will just "click" one day and you will get it!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. Things are starting to make a little more sense and I think by the end of the semester, I will really bee bopping along. Thanks for the note and so happy to have "met" you!

  3. I'm learning with that book too! Pattermaking is really difficult but i find it weird am i? :D


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