Friday, October 24, 2014

My Fall Favorites

There have been a few things I have snagged as the weather has gotten colder, because #1 I needed to keep warm and #2 I just simply love shopping. My new favorite thing to do is shop without breaking the bank and while hitting the amazing sales but there have been some key items that I have bought because they needed to be a part of my Fall wardrobe. My fab four are as follows:

Plaid Shirts- A classic staple, yet every year I see a new design that I need for my collection. Whether you want to spend $15 (Old Navy) or $225 (Hudson), there are so many cool options for any budget! My top pick? This Men's American Rag Frosty Plaid number... hey, a men's cut is comfy and sorta sexy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sponsored Video: INSPIRED Presented by Moroccanoil #inspiredbywomen

Are you inspired by women around you? I know that I take inspiration from all types of amazing women in this world. If we don't support one another then we really can't call ourselves powerful women. Morocconoil has teamed up with some really innovative and amazing women in their #Inspiredbywomen series. It's a series that discovers beauty through inspiration and I can honestly say that watching the videos on Youtube, makes me want to actually hunker down and do something to make a difference in this world. What am I doing to make a difference? It truly only takes one person to make a difference and why can't that person be me? 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Local Lovin': Java Skincare

I am all about the local lovin' lately. If you are a creator and you happen to live near me, then chances are that I would love to support your business. It's important to shop small and local whenever possible. If you are encouraging small business in your area, isn't that just making it better? Of course. This brings me to the topic of the day, my newest local lovin' shoutout. I was recently introduced to Java Skincare out of good ol' Rhode Island. The owner/creator/coffee infused beauty biz extraordinaire, Stephanie Addition, is a shining example of what a little hard work, an awesome idea and and even more awesome product can take you. I am excited to share with you the Java Skincare line in all it's glory.

JAVA BENEFITS (or what Stephanie calls the "Java Effect")

• Super-Hydrates

• Firms and tightens the skin 

• Reduces appearance of wrinkles 

• Slows the appearance of aging & protect from free radicals 

• Repairs sun damage & regenerates healthy cells 

• Restores a youthful glow 

Friday, September 19, 2014

My Review of Kate Hudson's Fabletics Line

I love Kate Hudson, like ever since How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, I've loved Kate Hudson. When she was an ambassador for Almay, I most certainly tried the Intense i-color and still buy it now! Ann Taylor, umm it only solidified my love for the Ann Taylor brands so when I heard about Fabletics, I was not going to let the opportunity to try it pass me by! Fabletics is her newest venture and belongs to the JustFab brand, and is a monthly subscription service for workout gear. Athletic wear is my new jam ever since I have been on a kick to lose the baby weight, which has most recently hit a plateau. I am motivated and with that motivation has come a new love of cute workout clothes... sorry, I'm not sorry that I love to shop!
Ninety Six Windbreaker and Versatile Tee

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Local Lovin': Luxxie Boston, Foundation Wear for Every Woman

I recently stumbled upon Luxxie Boston ( on Twitter. It seems I follow enough savvy Bostonians that it surprised me that I hadn't run across this Boston based/Made in USA brand of women's foundation wear... that happens to also be fabulous. With a little moving and shaking, I was then chatting with Luxxie Boston co-founder Stefanie Mnayarji about the new baby and what sparked her interest in designing this fantastic line. She was willing to share a little about her and her brand with my P&P readers as well as show you a few of her pieces that have me over here swooning.
Luxxie Boston Co-Founder Stefanie Mnayarji
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