Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Flipping Out for Warm Weather

Aaaaah, 'tis the Season... the season to pack up my socks and live solely as one with the flip flop. I love having a huge selection of flip flops and sandals at my disposable because #1 you need a pair to match every outfit and #2 I leave mine all over the house so have to be sure I'll find a match pretty quickly. Something that is a must for me is versatility. I want comfort. I want cuteness. I want pedi- ready. Summer activities will take you from the park to the pool to the Farmer's market and back again and this girl wants to be ready!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bringing Your Practice to the Beach with Aurorae Yoga + a Giveaway

You may remember when I was getting back into the swing of (yoga) things last Summer, that Aurorae Yoga helped me with a new mat, towel and frankly, some much needed motivation. I was at home with a newborn that I had no idea what to do with (well, I did, but you know...). I was also struggling with being "just Amanda" for brief moments in time. Yoga definitely helped me relax, concentrate, and sort of just kind of be in the moment. I have been thankful for the opportunity to again work with Aurorae to help share some of the good things that they have got going on this Summer! Plus, if you stick around, you might just snag yourself a chance to win some awesome Aurorae gear of your very own.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brimfield May 2015

Ahhh it's that time of year again, Warm weather aka the beginning of outdoor market season. What is the first one to hit each year? Obviously, it's Brimfield Antiques Show in Brimfield, MA. This year, I took a weekday off, packed the baby, Mother and Mother in Law in the car and made the trek down to Brimfield. We hit some traffic (ugh it was miserable thinking of all the deals I was missing) but once we got there, we were all sorts of smitten with our finds. My mother and I most definitely gravitated towards linens this time around so we weren't lugging things back but I took some inspiration from some every day (and some not so much) items. Take a look at some of my favorite shots of the day... Oh and if you want to prepare for a trip to an outdoor market? Be sure to check out my guest post over at Wayfair for some helpful hints on making the most out of your day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Dream in Patio Furniture

You may recall me mentioning that I had a baby almost this time last year. Before said baby arrived, I had done a great deal of gardening, even while I was in my delicate state. I planted flowers and built beautiful herb gardens on our deck and brick patios. My patio set was adorned with lovely and inviting cushions. I had, in fact, created an outdoor oasis for my small family, which was soon to grow a touch larger. Fast forward to the warm Summer months when that newborn had come to town. Watering plants was exchanged for keeping a baby alive. Sitting outside with a glass of wine was traded in for going to bed at 7pm. Last Summer was Sink Or Swim, my friends. Herb gardens were shriveling up all over the place. Flowers were all but a distant memory. And my lovely deck furniture and gorgeous glass pottery? Well, we might have left that all outside during the snowiest Winter on record. We all but let the outdoor oasis turn into a mirage, fading out of view. We are obviously not proud of this but it is what it is.

This year is different. The baby is almost a year. I have more time to do things and one project that has been coming together quite nicely, since the weather has been cooperating, is the recreation of the outdoor oasis. Yes, I did lose some of my faves to inclement weather (broken pots and faded outdoor cushions) but you can bet your baby that all Winter I was keeping track of possible replacement items on my Wayfair Patio Dreams Idea Board.

Friday, May 8, 2015

What Happens When Your Child Hurts Your Feelings

Can an 11 month hurt your feelings? I am here to tell you that the answer is a BOOMING YES. This past week, my husband has been out of town on business so it's been a one woman show. One woman shows are pretty, pretty hard (shout out to the single parents out there doing it for themselves). Things wouldn't have been so bad, I suppose, if this hadn't been the week that my beautiful, and usually delightful, child decided that he was going to voice his distaste for every single thing that I do. OK not every single thing, but a lot of things. The word "No" has resulted in pre-tantrum like tears.  Here, have another bite of your yogurt? No? Screeches ensue. Every diaper and outfit change has been a battle royale... After about 4 days of hitting the ground running, with formidable opposition, sometimes as early as 5am, things start to get to you...

How could this precious child hurt anyone's feelings?

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