Friday, November 28, 2014

P&P: Top Holiday Party Looks

What do I think you should wear this holiday season? Personally, I will be rocking a sweater or two, maaaybe a Christmas Dinner dress but for those of you still able to snag cocktails and have a rockin' new Year's Eve, these are your top party looks according to me. I'll break it down for you: Family Pictures, Christmas Dinner. Holiday Cocktails and New Year's Eve. Check it.
Family Pictures: No need to make a huge production out of your family pictures. Casual is cute and that is the model I am living by this Holiday season, since I really don't have a choice. I am personally going to wear my reindeer sweater from Loft for pictures and the casual Holiday luncheon we plan to throw. Pictured: Reindeer Jacquard Sweater, Embellished Fair Isle Sweater, Holiday Sweater in FairIsle
Christmas Dinner: I know that some wouldn't think to wear a dress to Christmas dinner since this cans sometimes be a casual affair but these dresses are sweet and comfortable PLUS they are forgiving on the waist line when you eat too many Santa cookies. Pictured: BR Ponte Fit and Flair DressNeedle + Thread Multi Lace Stitch DressOld Navy Floral Shift Dress
Holiday Cocktails: Heading out with the girls to celebrate the holidays with a drink? Having a work outing not in the office but a fancy restaurant? Kick it up a notch with a fancy (but not too fancy) cocktail dress or pantsuit. Pictured: Chic Racerback Jumpsuit, Native Rose Lace Cutwork ShiftASOS Blue Floral Skater Dress 
New Year's Eve: Here is your time to shine, literally. Sequins, metallics, white hot dresses... New Year's is a time to look classy but also look sexay. I am a big fan of leaving a little something to the imagination while still really feeling great about yourself .Pictured: True Decadence Sequin Dress, ASOS Origami Bow DressBA&SH Tiare Dress

What are you most excited to dress up for this season?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My DIY Faux Fur Vest and Faux Fur Tutorial Roundup

I did not hesitate to grab some faux fur when it was on sale at Joann's Fabrics this Fall. I knew I had a clutch I wanted to whip up and ever since I saw the baby girl faux fur vest on See Kate Sew, I had been dying to make one for the little ladies in my life. Since my cousin's little dreamboat Charlotte was celebrating her first year of life this past weekend, I knew it was my job to bring something that was handmade, in addition to the basket of goodies I had been collecting over the past few months. Well, let's just say that working with faux fur is an acquired taste I would assume and one that I don't know that I'll have again, though who knows... I have forgotten all about child birth and might have another so I may soon forget what a pain in the bum bum that working with fur is... let's just say that things got hairy.

Monday, November 24, 2014

P&P Gift Guide: For People Who Work Out

I think that I am going to do a couple of gift guides this year. I know they can be overdone and most everyone wants to tell you should buy for other people but I think there is value in sharing some specific guides for certain types of gift recipients. So hey, this week's gift guide has everything to do with getting your favorite fit addicts something they will love and cherish this Holiday season. I am into yoga (and more recently adding Koko Fit Club into the mix) so obviously my interests skew towards those cutesy type things but I think that almost any stylin' athletic person will appreciate. Here are some of my favorite picks for that person/people in your life... the People who work out.

Pictured from top left: Pura Vida Camo Hair TiesNaked Elite Inspiration Cuffs, Love Yoga Mug from Funky Yoga, Alo No Sweat Headband, Pura Vida Camo Headband PackCheck Meowt Tank from Enlightened StateTayeka Classic Glass Water BottleKadam MalaNike Vintage Women's Vintage SweatshirtGarmin VivofitHarbinger Speed Jump RopeFunky Yoga OM ToteTerry Cloth Workout Turban

Whether you are looking for cute apparel, headbands, fitness trackers, water bottles, jump ropes and beyond, there is something special for your someone special who finds being fit, fun. I am a big fan of finding something cute, yet useful that one might not buy for themselves but would totally appreciate getting as a gift. Don't forget gift cards. Nothing says I love you like letting your friends make their own decision ;-) My favorite fit finds are from (they have a great gift guide for under $15!), Dick's Sporting Goods, Etsy and Target!

What will you get for the fit fanatic in your life?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Home for the Holidays with Wayfair and Boston Bloggers

Earlier this month, I was fortunate enough to attend a day long event with Boston Bloggers and Wayfair, Home for the Holidays (with sweet calligraphy everywhere by Ink Revival) was full of DIY goodness, decor dreamy-ness and lots of great information; this day was just plain fun. Lots of familiar faces greeted me while I also met lots of new friends. It was just such a fab way to get myself into the Holiday spirit! Being a new mother and having this urge to reeeeeally create a fabulous home, this event has sprung into action my decorating and entertaining instincts to the max! I just scheduled a Holiday luncheon and plan to put a lot of what I learned or was inspired by to good use.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Earthing Shoes for Your Sweet Feet

What is an Earthing shoe? I didn't know either so don't feel silly or dumb. Earthing, means walking barefoot on the natural surfaces of the Earth; the grass, sand, dirt and the like. This blog post from the folks at Juil explored the benefits of walking on the "earth". It suggests that as electrical beings, our body responds positively to walking barefoot. It can help with healthier circadian rhythms as well as decrease inflammation among other things. Sounds pretty legit to me. People walked around barefoot long before shoes were a thing (I am so happy shoes are a thing). So what the people at Juil did, was pretty much a great idea. They combined one of my favorite things (SHOES) with the effects of walking barefoot.

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