Friday, March 15, 2019

Season Change and So Has my Craft Area Sponsored by Wayfair

Something tragic happened a couple of weeks back. Well, tragic is a bit dramatic but in my world, this was quite devastating. My husband came upstairs to tell me that my craft desk had broken and my sewing machines and some supplies had been a part of whatever storm occurred down there. I would be lying to you if I said that I didn't cry... oh I cried.  I went to the gym and cried a little there too. My husband cleaned it all up for me, we made sure that the machines were still in working order (phew! they were!) but then where was I going to put them? You may remember that I did a craft area refresh a few years back with Wayfair... I didn't think they'd come to my rescue once again... but they did! The craft room season is a changing and I am actually so psyched because I needed, you guessed it, more space to put craft supplies (and plants!).

When looking for a craft table or desk, I knew that I had to make sure it ticked specific boxes. I chose this desk with built in storage, but also I needed sturdy because I didn't want to experience the pain that was my previous desk busting. My machines are expensive and I definitely want them protected. This desk has a great weight capacity and room to tuck craft supplies, books and of course, a plant or two. I might have picked out a sweet new little plant pot as well. (shhh don't tell my husband lol). The chair survived the previous craft room (similar here) but was from Wayfair as well!

I couldn't be more thrilled with how my workspace has changed. I was very upset when my whole work area went through a state of upheaval but in the end, this craft nook is so much better than it was before... so sometimes with the change of season, there may be a bit of a bumpy shift but if you go with it, you might just end up much happier on the other side. I know that's a funny way at looking at a craft room refresh but this space is very special to me and my creative outlet. I have a feeling that once I start really working in this space, it will take on the "Amanda Mess of Love"... but I wouldn't have it any other way!

In addition to all of the great organizational things that I have gotten from Wayfair recently, they're offering some really coll promotions surrounding the Wayfair Credit Card. To learn more about Wayfair's Credit Card and all the great Big Time Deals, visit their site for all the details!

Visit Wayfair today for excellent desks and storage as well as their exciting credit card opportunities!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Paw Patrol Live: We'll Be there on the Double

*This post has been in collaboration with The Boch Center and Paw Patrol LIVE. All opinions are my own.

We love Paw Patrol in our house... well maybe not so much me, but my two boys are absolutely gaga for all the pups, and yes, I know all their names, but I won't bore you with those details (Marshall, Sky, Zuma, Rocky, Rubble, Chase and sometimes there's an extra pup, Everest). When we found out that Paw Patrol LIVE was coming to Boston, my first instinct was to keep the information to myself because they can't read yet and would never find out... but Magic 106.7 went blowing up my spot, telling us we could call in to win tickets... so we sat outside of the gym and we attempted but alas it was not in the cards for us, or was it?! Hearing Wes' excitement about Paw Patrol LIVE, I was actually bummed I didn't win the tickets for him.

But we are a lucky bunch! The Boch Center has invited the Propah Family to attend Paw Patrol LIVE, playing from March 29-31st with multiple shows a day, tickets starting at only $25... so if you are a parent to young pup loving kids, then there's still hope for you being the best Mom or Dad ever. Tickets are still on sale for shows throughout the weekend and because you're a Prim and Propah reader, there's an excellent opportunity for you to win a 4 pack of tickets to attend either the Friday March 29th 630pm show or the Saturday March 30th 600pm show, your choice! Enter in the rafflecopter below. All I want to know is WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE PAW PATROL CHARACTER and no, it cannot be Mayor Humdinger because he is the worst! Giveaway will run through next Wednesday 3/21-Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to the Boch Center for treating my family and one of yours to a super fun event for the kids!

PS. If you're a save the date type of person, you can mark your calendars for PJ Masks LIVE, coming in late April!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Local Lovin: GH Inspired Designs

I met Gillian through a mutual acquaintance but was immediately drawn to her creations, her energy and the way that she and I communicated so well right off the bat. Gillian Hurrie Inspired Designs, is a Cape Cod based company, offering lovingly hand-crafted jewelry meant to make you feel unique, empowered and inspired. Each piece can offer therapeutic benefits infused by the gemstones’ healing energies. Their designs therefore, are highly influenced by nature and the modern yoga lifestyle. Doesn't this seem like it's all right up my alley? I had the opportunity to chat with her about her business and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to light up the local lovin' series again!

Give us a little background as to how Gillian Hurrie Inspired Designs came about. What initially drove you to start your brand? 

I started creating jewelry because I didn’t see what I wanted out there. Choices were expensive and simple, basic beaded pieces at craft fairs or interesting designs that were imported, plastic and cheaply made. The jewelry out there at the time seemed rudimentary- not unique and modern and creative. I wanted to create hand crafted jewelry that used semi-precious gemstones, but was also on trend, versatile and at a great price point. Two compliments I hear all the time are, “Your jewelry is so unique,” and “Your prices are so reasonable!”

My new Stress Less Mala c/o GH Inspired Designs

When creating your jewelry, where do you take inspiration from?

I am a yoga teacher and naturally am attracted to all things holistic, for mind, body and soul. I listen to what people want and often get ideas from my clients. I am inspired by nature, like sunsets and the beach. I stay on top of the trends and believe it or not, I often dream designs!

I love that you have shaped your business around the ideas in yoga, mindfulness etc. Why is this important to you?

Let’s face it-the jewelry industry is crowded and competitive. To stay on top of my game, I realized I needed to discover a niche for myself which felt organic and heart-felt. I create what I know to feels right intuitively. Anything that can bring better health and support me to be the best person I can be, I am all for. I believe you can receive health benefits (mind and body) from certain gemstones. Some people use gemstones as part of their spiritual practice to restore energy fields, gain peace, and promote love, confidence, and vitality. Why not gain these benefits by simply wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry made with a specific gem?

What do you love to do in New England, when you aren't busy running your business? 

I teach at least 4 yoga classes a week. I love walking the beach with my dog, visiting new restaurants and supporting small businesses. My two teenagers are amazing but a lot of work! I also do charity work and am on the team for Love Yoga Fest 2019 here on Cape Cod.

 Upside Down Triangle EarringsPyrite and Obsidian Mala Necklace,  Chakra Sandlewood BraceletsMoon and Stars Necklace

You have certainly found some fantastic early success and absolutely gorgeous designs! Where do you see your business headed in the future? 

My future vision determines my behaviors, which determine my outcomes. It is something people seldom think about. It is something I live and think about every day. I monitors the future to better understand how consumer trends and sentiments, industry momentum, and global forces might affect my business, The company’s growth is based on many factors: a well-made, beautiful product, marketing, competition, capitalizing on opportunities, and improving weaknesses. I am always evaluating processes and procedures, wherever possible, to reduce inefficiencies and costs. Second, we are in an age where people will be looking more and more for personal connection to what they consume. For example, millennials shop differently. They look for not just a piece but a connection, a company backstory they can relate to. They’re shrewd shoppers who want real meaning, a reason that benefits them, not just slogans or gimmicks. Third, I believe a company cannot sustain itself with just one line. I try to provide my clients with choices, but with lines that compliment each other. And of course, customer service is the key to maintaining a good company reputation, as well as keeping clients coming back for more. This is paramount for my company.

You can find GH Inspired Designs online, Facebook and Instagram!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Spring Forward with Organization, Sponsored by Wayfair

Do you guys want to see something scary?

This is real life in my house lately. I took this photo with my phone when Wayfair and I started chatting about organizing for Spring. Note the pile of Winter gear. Note the unreasonable amount of shoes gathered at our doorway. Note the pot of dying/dead plants. Note the duct taped basketball hoop in our entryway. This situation up in the Light household, well, it's not been ideal when one likes to open and close your front door without issues. My husband and I have long been talking about providing some sort of relief for our lack of organization but often thought back to the coat rack we had when we first start living together. That bad Larry fell over if more than two coats were on it... and now there are four humans living in our home now.

In the spirit of Springing forward with organization, we thought that we should do some sort of mudroom organizing piece, since I know that Wayfair does carry a ton. While everyone has been removing things from their home that don't spark joy, I'd just like to get our stuff in order. We knew we wanted something clean, sleek but most importantly, something that was super functional for our family. There were a couple of options, like this Wesson Wide Hall Tree and Ottoman Hall Tree but we landed on this unit, for the extra shoe storage, can you blame me? My husband spent the better part of a Sunday putting it together and I couldn't wait to get our business all up on it... and you know what else I realized in the process? This baby provides me more space for PLANTS! Take a look at the end result!

Spring cleaning is going to be so much easier, now that I have our entry way cleared up. I'm not kidding. This one piece has solved a multitude of our issues. We've got a place for the kids to take their shoes off and learn that there's a place for them. It's been nice to direct Wes to put his shoes in a cubby, and guess what? It's already stuck and he's been automatically helping out. We hang our coats up and everything is kept off of the floor. We're like a brand new family-- one that has nice home decor... now to keep it that way!

Check out Wayfair's Storage options if you're looking to get on the organization train this Spring!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Wilson Farm Keeping it Interesting, As Always

This past week, my friend Elizabeth and I had the opportunity to visit Wilson Farm in Lexington, MA. You may remember my visit from last Fall but things change so much seasonally, if not monthly, that it was such a special treat to take Teddy for a morning on the farm. Honestly, we could have just strolled leisurely through the greenhouses and nursery, because it truly provided me with a little rejuvenation that I needed this Winter. The warmth and the greenery were welcoming and y'all know that I am a #crazyplantlady so it was a Monday morning dream come true. Pssst. Someone please buy me a new wandering jew plant!

Goats met us as we rounded the back of the chicken coops to head down to the larger greenhouses and bakery. I would have to say that Wilson Farm has made me the world's best mother because not only did Teddy get some goat snuggles, he was also treated to the biggest treat of his entire life on this Earth. His face when he was passed an enormous cookie was the cutest thing to behold and frankly, it kept him busy for the duration of our trip on the farm.

Wilson Farm is really just one of those great places in the community that has amazing food, both prepared and farm fresh, plants, flowers, baked goods, super fun events and a really vested interest in their people, the products they put forth and the experience that they provide for the people they serve. It really does feel like a special place when you visit.

And you know you love your kids when you're willing to whip them up a batch of pancakes even though you've been doing Whole30 for the past month, but when Wilson Farm treats you to their delicious pancake mix, someone has got to make good use of it! Speaking of breakfast, the team at Wilson Farm has a ton of great events planned, most notably the Farmer's Breakfast, taking place the weekend of March 9th and 10th from 10am-2pm. Check out their events page to keep up with all their goings on through to Spring!

You can follow Wilson Farm on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!