Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Easy (and Delicious) DIY Natural Lip Balm

Have you ever considered about making your own beauty products but stopped short because you thought it would be too difficult? Well, I'm hear to tell you that with a little time and a touch of motivation, you can make some pretty awesome stuff. A little recipe that I have tried (and really love) is one for a natural lip balm. I especially love this recipe because it can be tweaked to suit your taste and scent desires because using essential oils and extracts, you make little adjustments here and there. If you are an online savvy shopper, you can find all your ingredients on the nets but be sure to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable site, since this business is going on your sweet bod. 

What You Will Need:

·    1/8 cup Coconut Oil 
·    1/4 cup Beeswax 
·    1/8 cup Shea Butter 
·    1 tsp Coconut Extract (you can use Vanilla or Almond too)
·    1/4 cup fresh or dried herbs of your choice, rose petals works too!(I used fresh spearmint from my herb garden)
·    1 tsp Sweet Almond Oil 
·    Optional: a drop or two of  your favorite essential oil (I added two drops of spearmint essential oil)
*This concoction makes enough for about 6 small containers

Put it all together:
  1. Measure all of the ingredients  into a small saucepan. I would suggest using something that you're OK not cooking food in again. I use an old sauce pan for this + my candle making.
  2. Heat on low until everything is melted. Do not be tempted to crank up the heat. Patience is a virtue and since we're using so many oils, things will start sizzlin' at high heat.
  3. Strain out the biggest pieces of your herbs. You can leave them in for added sumpin' if you want. Totally your choice!
  4. Pour into sanitized containers that you want to use to store.
  5. Let cool completely (only a couple of hours) and they’re ready to use and share with your friends who will be completely impressed that you made your own lip balm!

Have you ever made your own beauty products?

Monday, October 5, 2015

A New Shopping Experience + Bonus Recipe

This past week I joined a bunch of awesome Boston Bloggers at the new Cost Plus World Market in Framingham, MA... and it was a new shopping experience for me. The store is fantastic and certainly a feast for the eyes... but being the sophisticated and experienced shopper that I am, I intended to make this particular evening an efficient and successful shopping event, like I always do. What I didn't expect was so many different departments with so many eclectic wares from around the globe...  we each commented at one point during the evening, that we just didn't know where to start.

L-R: Noelle of Rue le Chat, Me, Becky of Pop and Circumstance, Shauna of Like so Pretty

Any and all "game plans" went out the window and I just started meandering around the store. Of course, I had to stop for the wine tasting, which then led to the wine, which then led to the beer and then of course, I had to ditch the basket and get a cart. The selection in a World Market is truly pleasing to any wine or craft beer connoisseur. I knew I had to grab my husband some seasonal brews since he was staying home to put the baby to bed. Plus, building a six pack for my husband happens to be one of the simple joys in my life, so I built one. After making many laps around the store, stopping to chat with some "old" friends (Hi Alana, Bev, Quiana, Karen, Jenna + photo booth gals) and some new ones (Hi Maiah, Kim and Nancy!), I set my sights on updating some of my kitchen gadgets. Among other things, I snagged some absolutely adorable ceramic measuring spoons +  bowls, that will make baking + cooking all the more tres chic in my home.  As you can see below, I just had to whip up a batch of my chili seasoning to test them out (my chili is delicious by the way so I am including my seasoning recipe!)

Floral Measuring Spoons
My Chili Seasoning Recipe:

1 tbsp. chili powder
2 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. ground oregano
1 tbsp. seasoned salt 
1 tbsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp. dried minced onion 
1/4 tsp. garlic salt

1 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp sea salt

Combine all ingredients and store to make delicious chili whenever the mood strikes you! I make mine in a huge batch so it's ready for action like Shakira says whenever, wherever. *shakes hips in celebration*

Floral Measuring Set (similar)

The prices are on point so I'll certainly be making a trip back in the very near future. There were some larger items that I just couldn't bring home without checking my spaces (area rugs, chairs, lamps etc) but I know that I can be a good (no, great!) home to many an item from World Market. It seems like the kind of place that will be different every time you go in... and that is the kind of shopping adventure that I like to go on!

Have you shopped at a World Market store? What did you think?

*This content was created in partnership with Cost Plus World Market. All opinions are 100% my own and as always, thank you for supporting Prim and Propah!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Best Beauty Products + an Exciting Giveaway

I really want you to consider making some really easy switches to natural beauty options. At first, I found this to be a daunting task. I have had some really hard core brand loyalty in the past and I didn't know how I would be able to give it up... but once you start making yourself aware of the ingredients that are in even your most "trusted brands", you'll find it easier to start acting. I teamed up with 9 amazing eco, green beauty brands to bring you a giveaway of some of my favorite products out there right now. I can recommend these products because I have used them before; I want to share them with you. Check out why I love each and every one of these products and once you are through, jump to the end of the post to enter to win all of them! Pretty sweet deal, am I right?

What you'll win: $200 worth of my favorite Good for You Beauty products!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*All items were donated to this giveaway by each of these beautiful people driven brands to help raise awareness of what we are putting on our bodies. The products that we choose to use are a decision that we shouldn't take lightly.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Greening Your Beauty Routine? KimberlyLoc Has You Covered

Ready to make the switch to natural beauty products, but feeling a little overwhelmed? You’re not alone.

I’m Kim, and I write the natural beauty blog kimberlyloc.com. Since starting this blog in 2010, I’ve been fascinated by how quickly exceptional green beauty products have made their way onto the market today.

While it’s amazing to have options, it can also make switching to cleaner beauty even more daunting. 

  • Where do I start?
  • How much is all this going to cost?
  • Does this stuff really work?
In my daily interactions with readers, friends, family and coworkers, my first piece of advice is always the same: Start small, and think about the products you use on a regular basis.

Most likely, those products are your daily skincare needs. This is an area where green beauty shines. Plant-based skincare that’s nourishing, gentle and targeted to whatever your skin needs exists, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm Really Into Essential Oil Blends, You Guys

I have been really into essential oils lately and have been diffusing a combination of vanilla, grapefruit and ylang ylang in our living room. At first we were like, what the heck? How do you use essential oils? ...but now we actually really do feel calmer with different blends wafting through the rooms, like our own aromatherapy blends. I really do feel that there are benefits to using essential oils in our every day life. I am no doctor, nor do I claim to be but I am loving what is happening when I use the oils, people! You'll probably see a lot of people hocking essential oils out there but I think it's worth it to do a little research and find a brand that works for you. Because I am attending the WELL Summit in November, I received a sneak peek of some great natural and eco-friendly beauty products that the folks over there put together. One of the little treats that stood out most to me was the little sample vile of 21 Drops "Sleep" blend. Someone is out there creating essential oil blends for specific uses, y'all!

The #18 (out of 21) SLEEP blend of essential oil therapy touts the following: helps quiet an anxious mind, soothing feelings of restlessness and encouraging relaxation in preparation for a good night's sleep. Using Ylang Ylang to relax and encourage peace, Vetiver to sedate and reduce anxiety and Sandlewood to quiet the mind, 21 Drops would have us believe that this blend will help us sleep better... and you know what? I am a believer. I really do feel calmer when I apply it a touch before bedtime.

#01 Invigorate is a blend that I use before I go for a run or do something fitness related. Black Pepper enlivens and motivates, Cedarwood maximizes endurance, Juniper energizes, and Rosemary stimulates the mind. All is blended with 100% Jojoba Oil (a carrier oil if you're interested).  This is a good blend to motivate myself to get my butt in gear. I would like to think that it'a just my sheer will that keeps me moving but we all know that fitness isn't my most stellar area of expertise. I will take any help that I can get.

Another blend that I keep in my work space is #9 Focus blend. Focus, well, it can help you focus. It's a great way to jumpstart your mind. I use it every few hours while working and it definitely has proven to provide that little pick me up when I need it. Frankincense induces clarity, Peppermint stimulates the mind (so true) and Rosemary reduces fogginess. If you really give it a shot, you'd be surprised how your body reacts to essential oil scents. I was sort of skeptical at first but I really have been converted and no long scoff at the idea that oils can improve your environment and personal space.

Not only has 21 Drops really impressed me with these different blends, they are super charitable to boot. When I was talking to them about writing a post on their brand (all because of that little Sleep blend sample!), I mentioned our Boston Bloggers Jimmy Fund Walk fundraiser. They were on board immediately to donate to our raffle and the gift bags, without hesitation. That is the kind of brand that I like to support, one the puts good energy out into the universe.

What are your favorite essential oil blends? Do you use them in your home or beauty products?

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