Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obsession Alert: Mesh Shoes

Yes, I know it's not Tuesday but rather it's Thursday...but one thing is for sure, every day is Shoesday. My latest shoe obsession? I know it's crazy but I am really into meshy shoes. Now don't leave, hear me out. Lots of designers are jumping on the mesh bandwagon and I have fallen prey. I just purchased these New York Knicks inspired (no, not really) kicks from ASOS. They had many different colors so I don't know why I landed on blue and orange, but I did. I think these are a cute Summer solution when you need a pedi like Whoa. What do you think?

Timeless Marley Contrast Ballerinas

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lunchtime Ulta Haul

I know that I am always talking about saving money for more important things than random Ulta trips but I am here to tell you that if you are frugal and save coupons, you can get a haul for less... and quench that shopping thirst that sometimes hits when you are least expecting it. Since getting my Essie on with a Klout perk, I have been salivating about picking up more from their Summer collection. I knew I needed Mojito Madness or I would, well, go mad. So I made it my business to head to Ulta on a recent lunch break. Of course, I gave myself a limit of $20 because I was really only going in to get the nail polish but we all know how a trip into Ulta can turn out. While I was browsing around, I remembered that John Freida sent me a free hair color coupon (which Ulta honored, a thankyouverymuch and yes, I occasionally color my own hair) and I also had an Ulta coupon for $3 off a $10 purchase... soooo I grabbed my hair color, the Essie nail polish, nail polish remover, a new eye shadow and some mascara for, drum roll please, $19. I think I did quite well for myself.

Have you ever gotten a really good deal on lots of beauty goodies?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Outfit Post: Engagement Photos by Alvah Reida

So if you hadn't heard, oh hey, the man and I are getting married. Something that I knew I wanted to do from the very start was get engagement photos done. It's by no means a requirement when engaged but I knew we could get some cool photos done, get to know our photographer a little better in the process and ultimately find something pretty cool for our Save the Dates. The man and I had an idea that we fleshed out over time, which included taking pictures at the Comic Book store that we get our fix at. Alvah Reida, our photographer, also took us to nearby alley ways, through puddles and into the woods, resulting in some really awesome pictures that I am proud to say is my best outfit post yet ;-)

Monday, June 25, 2012

365 Hangers

I recently found 365 Hangers through a a giveaway that I won over at Haute Khuuture (thanks to Fashion by Alicia for always referring me to the best giveaways). What I found was a unique shopping experience unlike something that you see everywhere... models of your size showing you what the clothes would look like on your body. Granted, the selection is different for each size range, I totally didn't mind because I thought it was so unique for my size (shown) to be highlighted on a shopping site rather than either being shown as a tiny model or considered plus size.I ended up getting a really cute maxi dress and a flowy Summer top, all for $50 shipped. I am looking forward to seeing 365 Hangers grow and see if they really flourish in the eCommerce web space.

Find 365 Hangers on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

About 365 Hangers: 365Hangers is a Los Angeles based company, established in 2009 to provide discount sample sales on women's designer labels. They not only provide their shoppers with clothing from brand names such as DVF, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, and French Connection, but also give them a visual of how it will look on them by using models of different body type and size. By doing so, our shopper gets a feel of how a dress will look on their body, assuring them of their choice. In addition to that, guarantees 70% off, ALWAYS, on every designer label on the website.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A RANT: "Average" Women,Widening the Definition of Beauty and Deodorant

I don't know if you remember seeing the post I wrote about people dogging on Kelly Clarkson's SNL appearance but suffice to say, I take positive body image and related issues to heart.* Lately, I have been kind of offended by advertisements on TV and in magazines because, well, I don't feel like the ads that are meant to entice women to work on their appearance, are representing the diversity in woman or encouraging healthy body image. Here let me give you an example:

I was watching WE television the other day, Wedding Sunday to be exact, and a bronzing lotion commercial came on. Who doesn't want a "natural" glow for Summer by simply purchasing a tube of tinted lotion? I know I sure do. Trouble is, I was immediately off put by this particular commercial because the woman in the advert wasn't just a model, she was like super thin... oh but she was tan so that makes it OK! I love to look at beautiful models just like the next person, but this model just struck me as being bony, which I never usually consider a good thing.  The next commercial represented real women. Enter head shots of diverse women in lots of pain, oh me oh my, my period cramps are so bad, what ever am I supposed to do? The next commercial was two women sharing a cookie over a hedge, mmmm food, average women eat cookies... by the time Bridezillas came back on, I still hadn't seen an ad for beauty products or the like, that didn't have a really thin model... and this was on a Women's network. I couldn't help but feel a little sad, you know? Was it my perception? Do I feel this was because I am premenstrual and blah about the pimple on my chin? Gah, where is my self esteem? Take a look at the ad that sent me into a mini tail spin:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gearing Up for the 4th of July, SkinnyScoop Style

You guys know how much I love making lists on SkinnyScoop... it's so fun and plus it's a way to show everyone what I want to buy for specific holidays or what hairstyles I am thinking about in the future. Plus it's sort of like filling out those surveys that your friends used to send asking you what your dream vacation and favorite smells are (in case you're wondering, it's Belize and cut grass)... any way, I totally put together some super fun, patriotic picks for the upcoming 4th of July holiday! Booya.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012, did I Like?

So if you saw my most recent outfit post (I Walk my Dog in Platforms), you might be wondering about the teal button down/button back blouse that I was wearing. Well, I picked that beauty up from for a great deal. My introduction to is another instance of Klout giving me a perk that I actually was happy to use. As an incentive to try out the site for the first time, Klout Influencers were given a $10 gift code to use towards a purchase. My first thought was "What the heck am I going to get for $10?" ... well, has some really affordable looks; I was actually surprised the bang for your buck on this site.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I Walk My Dog in Platforms

No, I don't really walk my dog in platforms, are you nuts? These platforms though, are comfortable enough to spend all day in, that is for sure. We took the pup out the other day and decided to grab a couple photos at the same time. Dog's handkerchief is by Petsmart.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Essie 2012 Summer Collection, Bikini So Teeny

As I have mentioned to some of you before. I am really starting to dig Klout perks. I feel like recently, they have become more in tune with your "specialties" and also, I have been better about not paying attention to the sucky ones. I feel like these perks have given me the opportunity to try new websites (see perk) and also new products.

I am a lover of nail polish. It's not something that I regularly post about because, well, so many other fashion/beauty bloggers post about it and the "market" is saturated.  The Essie Summer Collection Klout Perk was worth mentioning though. The color that they sent me, Bikini So Teeny, is literally the sweetest color blue I have ever seen. In addition to my adoration, and the man telling me how much he likes it, legitimately 10 people I do not know have asked me where I had gotten it. It's Essie's Summer 2012 Collection people, and it's called Bikini So Teeny. In addition to this color, I really think I am going to have to try Mojito Madness and Fear or Desire. You can grab Essie at so many places but if you really don't know, check out their store locator and grab their newest shades for your fingers and for your Summah!

Friday, June 15, 2012

David Yurman's 2012 Fall Collection, Sneak Peek

I was super excited to get an invite to the David Yurman Fall Collection sneak peek that was held last night at Lux Bond and Green in Wellesley, MA (a thank you to Shauna G). If you follow me on Twitter, I am sure you saw some tweets live from the event and maybe even an Instagram or two. Being that I am just starting to get involved in local events and being Boston social, this was a great opportunity to meet some other fancy Boston area bloggers and also check out some amaze new David Yurman jewelry. And when I say amaze, I mean super amazing. Oh, and there were goodie bags.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sharpie Dyed Scarf, a DIY

One can never have too many scarves, am I right? I probably have two drawers full but that didn't stop me from creating another one for my collection. I saw this tutorial on Pinterest awhile back and thought it was such a cute, easy idea for a leisurely do it yourself. I love little projects like this one. Easy to set up, easy to clean up and only a few things needed to pull it off. Of course, as with everything that I do, it was harder that it had to be but that's OK, it was definitely super fun! Have you ever thought about basically tie dying something with Sharpie markers and plain ol' rubbing alcohol? I hadn't either. Probably not as effective as regular dye (and you know how much I love my regular dye), this is still a great and tidier option for kids or those new to crafting. Check it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sales, Deals, Coupons... and How I Should Always Abstain

I don't know about you guys, but I have three email addresses. I have one email for my work/family/friends to reach me pretty quickly and on my phone. I have one email specifically for my blog stuff and I have one email that is purely dedicated to my "junk" email. When I say junk, this is where I have all of my promotional emails go... my Groupons and Livingsocial deals, my store sale prompts and my coupon codes, oh the coupon codes. I don't want these hundreds of emails to clog up the works on email addresses that should be more streamlined and efficient. Regardless of this being my junk email address, I check it religiously. I could totally miss a great deal if I don't right? Well, I have come to realize that this junk email is one of my biggest sources of shopping temptations, especially if I am bored.

This is good at GAP until 06/15

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nanette Lepore Resort Collection 2013

If you know me at all, you know I am a huge Nanette Lepore fan. Number one, she works out of NYC and is totally the biggest supporter of the Garment Center there, which I think is fantastic because I basically love the garment center as well. Number two, her designs make me swoon. I love playful colors, flattering cuts and the way that her clothes are incredibly wearable.... like you, me, my sister, my cousin, your sisters and your cousins could wear them and not look freakishly out of place. I love that every day kind of aesthetic that is not even close to being boring. Muah, Nanette Lepore xoxo your resort collection does not disappoint me!

Any of these dresses would be welcome to come live with me

NuNAAT Keratin Touch Giveaway Winner!

Thanks so much to NuNAAT for sponsoring a most excellent giveaway of the Keratin Touch Treatment that I loved oh so much. Thank you also to you gals who entered! The lucky winner was Miss Joana A. from California!

I love you guys so much and I am working on a new, special, spectacular giveaway for my blogiversary which is coming up very, very soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ebay Trend Challenge, Spring and Summer Shorts

I am not usually a huge fan of shorts in the warm weather. You'll more often than not see me in dresses, skirts and the occasional dress capri (hey, this girl works for a living!) but this season, I am totally inspired to get in on the shorts goodness that is trending all over the place. So what better occasion than shorts shopping would be a great Ebay trend challenge? None, ladies... well except maybe the floral dress Ebay challenge that I am still working on.

May 2012 InStyle Magazine

Friday, June 8, 2012

Outfit Post: Night Out that Didn't Happen

So last night was the Boston Bloggers event so I obvi had an outfit picked out and ready to go so that I could go straight from work to the event... well, work had different plans for me and I didn't make it to the event (aaww sniffles and then kisses to those of you that went) but that doesn't mean I couldn't still show you guys my networking casual, right? I don't know if I have mentioned how in love with this thrifted denim jacket that I am, but yeah, I'm in love. I feel like I am going to be wearing it, legit. all Summer long.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Obsession Alert: Miracle Skin Transformer Treat and Conceal

So I have probably mentioned to some of you before, or maybe I haven't but let me officially let it be known that I am OBSESSED with Miracle Skin Transformer's Treat and Conceal. I have received various samples over the past year or so, thusly have never had to purchase a full size bottle. Yes, I am lucky that way. Just when I was squeezing this magical concoction out of my last tube received in my January Birchbox, I realized that I had enough points from Birchbox to buy a new full size jobbie... score! I am so elated at this fact, that naturally I had to share with you guys. This stuff is legit my favorite concealer eveeeeer. It actually has an airbrush type finish which is hard to get out of the tube people. If you ever have the chance to try any of the Miracle Skin Transformer products, I highly recommend them (the Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF20 is amaze as well!)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Wish List... I Wish

A girl can dream, yes? These are my most expensive crushes for Summer... of which I shall never have because of this dang wedding! I know, I know... I shouldn't complain, because who am I kidding, even if I wasn't planning a wedding, I still wouldn't spend the sweet moola on a fringe clutch, no matter how functional I think it would be.

Mara Hoffman Techno Animal printed swimsuit, $255.00, ROKSANDA ILINCIC Hot Pink and Mustard Organza Skirt, $581.00, Stella McCartney Bootcut Jeans, $444, Agent Provacateur Sunglasses, $398, Diane von FurstenbergYazhi silk-blend maxi dress, $385.00, Nanette Lepore V Crochet Woven Fringe Clutch, $395.00, Juicy Couture Palm Beach Poolside Cockatoo Bangle, $98.00, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish in Frisson, $26.00, Pierre Hardy Canvas and Leather Wedge Sandals, $485.00