Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How my "Klout" Helps Accessorize

I have mixed emotions about Klout "The Standard for Influence". On the one hand, I think it's kind of a confusing way of measuring one's social media majesty and influence on the nets. On the other hand, I do enjoy when my score goes up, like when Prabal Gurung retweeted me, my score sky rocketed... well, at least I think that's why my score went up (see previous comment about Klout being mildly confusing). As my score has increased and my "expertise" has been honed in on ( am currently most influential about blogging, shoes and cosmetics), I have been gathering some pretty useful "perks". The best perk to date was a $25 credit to Boticca.com. Imagine my surprise when I saw my crushworthy new faves EABurns on this fantastic jewelry/accessory site. They had some of my favorite items that I had been putting off ordering so it was decided almost immediately that today would be the day that I invited a little neon into my jewelry box. Shipping was free and the cost? Well, the cost was $28 USD so guess who only paid $3 for some obsession alert jewelry? Yep, that was this girl. I guess my "Klout" came in handy on this one. What do you think? Has your Klout score gotten you any rad deals/freebies?

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  1. I totally agree with you on this @Klout offer. It was such a good deal on fun #fashion pieces and I love the necklace you chose! I just did a similar post on my blog on Saturday - http://www.worthystyle.com/2012/04/pretty-jewelry-and-do-you-have-klout.html


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