Monday, November 25, 2013

My Fave Things for the Home Right Now

I have been on the lookout lately for new things for the home. We are still filling up the "new" house and I am always keeping my eyes peeled for cute and special pieces. I have begun collecting my favorites (yellow cabinet is awaiting husband to put it together) and look forward to adding more pieces to my home.

,Threshold Windham Accent Cabinet in Yellow, IMAX Cat BookendsNate Berkus™ Elephant Tealight HolderUttermost Meena Clear Glass Table LampWovenWorkz Betsy Woven Throw, Howard Elliot Ceramic Vases in Cobalt Blue Glaze, Lulu and Georgia Botanical Vase, Caldrea Citron Ginger Kitchen Candle 

What are your favorite home goods right now?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ear Cuffs? Yes, Please

Everyone seems to be talking about Jennifer Lawrence lately. The hair, the makeup, the red carpet looks... well, I am here to talk about that sparkly ear cuff, thank you very much. Of course, I love the hair (to hell with you naysayers) and the makeup on the Catching Fire red carpet has been edgier than what she usually sports. She has really been amping it up. So now that we are past that, I would like to thank her stylist for slapping that earcuff on at last night's Catching Fire premiere. It's killer and now I want one.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fossil Holiday Preview, a Very Merry Celebration

Dude, I had loooooads of fun at the Fossil Holiday preview last night. My previous with Fossil have really only been with watches but after hitting their Newbury Street store last night, I am a lifestyle convert. Not only were the folks at Fossil super sweet and helpful, but I shopped with some of my favorite Boston Bloggers, while sipping hot cocoa and listening to fab music (there may or may not have been a Christmas song or two, yay!). Perhaps I was a giver last night (the man needed a watch) and perhaps I was a receiver (Mama needed a watch and some bracelets), but one thing is for sure, I now love a good arm party.

I had initially planned on spending a little bit of time and then heading out to get some Chipotle but my plans changed when I saw all the fantastic jewelry, the handbags and the clothing, not to mention the huge selection of shiny, sparkly watches. I really don't wear that many bracelets or watches for that matter but all it took was for me to try on one watch and then one bracelet then all hope was lost for me. I ended up starting a serious arm party by the end of the night, and left wishing I had just gotten one more bracelet.

Want to see what I left with?

On me: Georgia Three Hand Leather Watch, $75, Ball Shot Bracelet in Silver, $38, Dainty Disc Wrap in Blue, $28 On the man: Grant Cronograph Stainless Steel Watch in Smoke, $145

Have you checked out what Fossil has to offer? If not, you really 
need to do yourself the favor and visit a store or online!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How I #GetItDone with Microsoft Office 365, Blogging Stylie

I am a blogger, therefore I blog... but no one ever said it was easy to #1 develop new and interesting content an #2 keep that content organized and on schedule. Sometimes I will go through phases where I have so many ideas that I can't keep track while other times, I have trouble finishing perfectly nice and promising posts. One thing is for certain, I never know when I am going to be inspired to write a blog post. That's good, right? Well, yes, for the inspiration, but what if I am at the grocery store or waiting in the doctor's office? I can't very well whip out my laptop and write a blog post just anywhere.

The 9 to 5 has blurred and today people need modern technology to find balance. From the home to the office, and especially on the go, people all around the world are working differently than the past. This is where the new Microsoft Office 365 comes in. Have you ever heard of the Microsoft SkyDrive? Well, let's just say that you can access your documents and photos from anywhere, whether it be your laptop, your tablet of your smart phone. It's my fave. When I am on the go, I can start that blog post using my phone, which is smart and efficient. I won't forget my inspiration and can jot down any ideas that streamed through my brain (without losing them, yay!). Similarly, let's say I have a great DIY idea but I need to run to the craft store.  I start a blog post in Word (yes, there is a template and you can link to your blog) with a rough idea of what I am looking to do. Once I am at the store, I can just whip out my phone and remind myself what I am looking for. If you have the type of memory where you don't need visual cues, then you are one lucky person ;-)! But this is why I love the SkyDrive, with me at all times (as long as I don't forget my phone!)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Goodwill Blogger Day at the Outlet

This past weekend, I was a part of the Goodwill Blogger Day at their outlet store in Boston, MA. If you don't shop second hand, then you are truly missing out on treasures that you might not otherwise find, from homegoods, to righteous vintage purses and so much more. I was more than psyched to get the opportunity to shop for a couple of hours with other like minded bloggers and really get down to it at one of the biggest Goodwill locations in my region. My friend Erin and I headed into Boston to get down at the Goodwill's largest location and outlet.

Not only did I come for a shopping experience but I learned more about Goodwill than I knew before. They have a fantastic mission, which generally speaking, is to help people work. The Goodwill Stores are run as social enterprises, meaning they support Goodwill’s mission to provide job training for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment while also providing jobs and good quality, low-cost goods to individuals and families looking for value.

Your Best Foot Forward with Ann Taylor and LOFT's New App

This post brought to you by ANN INC. CAREERS. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was told the Ann Taylor and LOFT had a new app, I have to admit that I was most definitely interested. I mean, I love me some LOFT big time and if they had an app, I’d at least check it out. It’s not a shopping app as you would initially think it is but rather it is an app that helps you put your Best Foot Forward (or BFF) in your career and fashion.

 photo anninc-1300pxREQUIRED_zps044ff5f0.jpg

I downloaded the app on my iPhone through iTunes though it’s available on Google Play as well (for Free!). I was on my way. Want career advice from the top folks at ANN INC.? Interested in what trends bloggers are calling out? Want to upload your own trends? Interested in career opportunities at ANN INC.? Well, this app has all sorts of interactive ways that you can keep track of your favorite mantras,  job postings and settings. It’s like the BFF’s of apps, get it?

I was really impressed at the fact the ANN INC. (ANN INC. is represented by two of the leading women’s specialty retail fashion brands in North America: Ann Taylor and LOFTchose to do something like this. Not a shopping app but an app that helps them reach out to their demographic in a different way. My favorite part of this app are the mantras. I am a big fan of good quotes and things that keep you motivated because we all need something to keep us motivated, am I right? It's just a cute way to keep us engaged and for me, it works.

I like this idea. I like the app. For me it's a great addition to what I already consider to be an awesome company with great brands. To me, it's an attempt to engage with the people who love them and that is pretty darn awesome.

 photo AnnInc_BFF_Banner_300x2501_zps9896a4d1.jpg

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Get the Look, Fall/Winter Evening Wear

Of course, I peruse all manner of People Style Watches and US Weekly's for what the stars are donning for their evenings out. I cannot afford Louis V or Armani but I can take some sweet inspiration from what they girls are wearing and pull it into my own wardrobe. I mean, how hard can it be to recreate some simple yet effective evening looks for Fall parties and nights out with the ladies?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Duel of the Buffalo Chicken Pizzas

This past weekend, the man and I had a hankering for buffalo chicken pizza but we didn't know what to do really. When we get it from our local pizzeria, it has actual pizza sauce on it; all the recipes online use some manner of bleu cheese dressing as the pizza sauce. Well, since we were trying our hand at something new, we decided on a duel of buffalo chicken pizzas, one of each. This is such a simple and easy (not to mention affordable) meal to make and we both love love loved both versions.