Monday, November 11, 2013

Your Best Foot Forward with Ann Taylor and LOFT's New App

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When I was told the Ann Taylor and LOFT had a new app, I have to admit that I was most definitely interested. I mean, I love me some LOFT big time and if they had an app, I’d at least check it out. It’s not a shopping app as you would initially think it is but rather it is an app that helps you put your Best Foot Forward (or BFF) in your career and fashion.

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I downloaded the app on my iPhone through iTunes though it’s available on Google Play as well (for Free!). I was on my way. Want career advice from the top folks at ANN INC.? Interested in what trends bloggers are calling out? Want to upload your own trends? Interested in career opportunities at ANN INC.? Well, this app has all sorts of interactive ways that you can keep track of your favorite mantras,  job postings and settings. It’s like the BFF’s of apps, get it?

I was really impressed at the fact the ANN INC. (ANN INC. is represented by two of the leading women’s specialty retail fashion brands in North America: Ann Taylor and LOFTchose to do something like this. Not a shopping app but an app that helps them reach out to their demographic in a different way. My favorite part of this app are the mantras. I am a big fan of good quotes and things that keep you motivated because we all need something to keep us motivated, am I right? It's just a cute way to keep us engaged and for me, it works.

I like this idea. I like the app. For me it's a great addition to what I already consider to be an awesome company with great brands. To me, it's an attempt to engage with the people who love them and that is pretty darn awesome.

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