Monday, November 18, 2013

Ear Cuffs? Yes, Please

Everyone seems to be talking about Jennifer Lawrence lately. The hair, the makeup, the red carpet looks... well, I am here to talk about that sparkly ear cuff, thank you very much. Of course, I love the hair (to hell with you naysayers) and the makeup on the Catching Fire red carpet has been edgier than what she usually sports. She has really been amping it up. So now that we are past that, I would like to thank her stylist for slapping that earcuff on at last night's Catching Fire premiere. It's killer and now I want one.

Obviously, J-Law is not the first to rock an ear cuff but she is the one, most recently, to inspire me to finally get one. I mean, I have been tossing the idea around for centuries! I did a quick round up of some of the cuffs that I am looking at, and some that I must get. I think I should start off small and somewhat manageable first but then why not go big or go home?

Want to see my picks?
Love Earcuff and stud, $6.50, Pearl and Gold Ear Cuff, $16.00, Golden Flower Ear Wrap, $43.00, Handcrafted Mermaid Brass Ear Cuff, $29.95, Bronze Starburst Ear Cuff, $34.00, Angel Wing Ear Cuff, $4.95, Steampunk Earcuff, $22.00, PussyCat Ear Cuff, $130.00, Shine Your Crazy Diamond Ear Cuff, $40.00


  1. The ear cuff is a welcome change in jewelry trends. I love your picks here. As for Jennifer Lawrence, I love her new hairstyle. It sets her apart from the other blonde actresses.

  2. I need to cut my hair shorter. I just need to go for it... theeeeen you and I can practice our pompador's then hit the town with our killer 'dos. I think it would just require some teasing and Got 2 b Glue.

  3. I just love Jennifer Lawrence. She seems to always surprise me and unlike so many other actresses, I don't seem to tire of seeing her everywhere. And yes, I need an ear cuff STAT!

  4. I obsessed about the ear cuffs the same way! Then I ended up finding one and oh my how great it is! :) You definitely need one too!: )



  5. Andrea Goncalves, Cindy GonzalDecember 9, 2013 at 8:59 PM

    Want them all!

    Cindy González.


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