Friday, September 28, 2018

Fall Festivities with Wilson Farm, Lexington MA

*This post is in collaboration with Wilson Farm in Lexington, MA

This month, I had the opportunity to take Teddy to Wilson Farm in Lexington, MA for a tour, some Fall goodies and ZOMG the best flowers. I had first heard about Wilson Farm from my friend Elizabeth, who has been visiting for years. She had nothing but nice things to say about them and I was not disappointed by this local destination for everything from Farm fresh vegetables (legit right off their farm), cheese x 100000, baked goods and the upcoming Fall festivities for the whole family.

If you know me, you know that I am a sucker for fresh veggies, for all the things you can get at farm stands and of course, for shopping locally. While taking the tour of Wilson Farm's grounds, I was absolutely blown away by everything that they are doing on property. It's truly awesome what they have built here since the late 1800's. They've got their own chicken coops, goats, massive greenhouses (where they're currently growing poinsettas), garden center, on site bakery and gosh, he cheese selection is what my dreams are made of!

The events that we talked about on the farm all year long sound awesome. They have chefs that work with them on farm to table dinners as well as working locally with restaurants and stores to share their goods. Fall is in full swing so if you dig caramel apples and apple cider donuts then you'll want to stop by any weekend in September and October for all that goodness ... and the Propah family is headed back in October for their well known hay maze.

Details on the hay maze, you ask? --> Free and open to the public, find the exit and you'll be rewarded with an apple! It's open October 6th through October 31st, including Columbus Day and Halloween. They are accepting donations for Make-A-Wish Massachusetts/Rhode Island. Last year, through the generosity of their community, the farm raised over $15,000 and made two wishes come true!

Saturdays and Sundays, Starting October 6th: 11:00am - 5pm
Thursdays, Starting October 11th: 12:30pm - 5pm
Fridays, Starting October 12th: 3pm - 5pm
Columbus Day (Oct 8th): 11am - 5pm
Halloween (Oct 31st) 3pm - 5pm

I think that when the kids are older, they are really going to dig the potato blasters! Open weekends in October, you can launch a spud and try to hit one of the targets in the Wilson Farm field! The Potato Blasters are the exciting way to wrap up a trip to the farm. Just $2.00 for 3 shots! The Potato Blasters are open during HayMaze Hours in October.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship-- I'm bummed I missed the Spring and Summer growing season as well as their open air nursery but I am looking forward to seeing all the kids at the farm enjoying the hay maze and picking out pumpkins... and I am most certainly looking forward to visiting my little poinsettas to see how they grow up for the holiday season... and of course, I will be back to stock up on some cheese, yes please!

You can follow Wilson Farm on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Block Printing Up in Here

I've been really getting serious about my block printing over here. In my (very little) spare time, I have been designing and carving away, trying to create the coolest prints that I can imagine... so far it's some leaves but they aren't half bad looking, right?

As fun as it is to carve, it wasn't something I was super comfortable doing just by winging it. I wanted to properly as possible train myself and looked to the book that inspired me (I saw a small piece on it in Better Homes and Gardens).

I borrowed Jen Hewitt's new book from the library, Print Pattern Sew, and it's really a great, hands on book for those who are just starting out in the block printing realm. I mostly read the begininng of the book, which was instructions, but for those looking to replicate Jen's awesome patterns, she provides templates for you to follow. It's most defintely a great beginner's book that gives you a great set up to start block printing. I bought my other supplies on Amazon for about $40. I started with a block printing kit and added a barren, more linoleum blocks and screenprinting ink.

I've created a couple of different blocks at this point and I am pretty pleased with the process, especially this split leaf that I modelled after one of my favorite plant babies. I did some modest printing onto cards that I did actually mail to friends this week! I am actually inspired to keep working on this so that I can eventually do all my Christmas cards and maybe even start printing on fabric for some really interesting designs/ messes to make.

What are your thoughts on my beginner block printing?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Saturday in Kennebunkport: Away from the Day to Day

I want to start writing on the blog again, just telling the people who still check in, well, tell them what I am up to once in awhile. This past weekend, I took a day trip to Kennebunkport with some of my blogger gal pals, a trip that's been on the books since at least May-- and we made it up there for some weaving, eating and beauty business!

Kerin of Cape Porpoise Trading Co. invited us up to her home studio in Kennebunkport, ME to learn to weave doormats using lobster rope rescued from fishermen along the coast. She set up and adorable brunch for us and her chickens (mostly Big Momma pictured above right before she stole a danish) while we all took turns weaving our very own mats. It was a ton of fun and I love having something tangible to take home from crafty endeavors!

Kerin, pictured below, was very patient with us (mostly me) as we learned the ropes (heyoooo) but it was just so amazing to see this woman, taking an art, a craft and making it a business that works for her and her family. I find this to be utterly crushworthy and therefore, I proclaim that I am now crushing on Kerin of Porpoise Trading Co.

As you can see, we all smiled and did some weaving and made rugs and it was a joy to begin a day that way. We moved on to lunch in Kennebunkport proper. Eating, eating, eating, nom nom nom... The Boathouse was delicious and accomodating, right on the water- would recommend!

Our last stop was with the girls with SaltyGirl out of Biddeford, just a short drive away. These ladies are some of my favorites that I've met through WELL Summit. They are sisters who have not only started a business, but it's a business with a huge heart. They wrote a great recap post on our visit, which should fill you in our silliness, but suffice to say, it was such a lovely and beauty-full way to end our day.

Check out my girl Elizabeth's post for a different take on our day, yo!