Monday, September 24, 2018

Block Printing Up in Here

I've been really getting serious about my block printing over here. In my (very little) spare time, I have been designing and carving away, trying to create the coolest prints that I can imagine... so far it's some leaves but they aren't half bad looking, right?

As fun as it is to carve, it wasn't something I was super comfortable doing just by winging it. I wanted to properly as possible train myself and looked to the book that inspired me (I saw a small piece on it in Better Homes and Gardens).

I borrowed Jen Hewitt's new book from the library, Print Pattern Sew, and it's really a great, hands on book for those who are just starting out in the block printing realm. I mostly read the begininng of the book, which was instructions, but for those looking to replicate Jen's awesome patterns, she provides templates for you to follow. It's most defintely a great beginner's book that gives you a great set up to start block printing. I bought my other supplies on Amazon for about $40. I started with a block printing kit and added a barren, more linoleum blocks and screenprinting ink.

I've created a couple of different blocks at this point and I am pretty pleased with the process, especially this split leaf that I modelled after one of my favorite plant babies. I did some modest printing onto cards that I did actually mail to friends this week! I am actually inspired to keep working on this so that I can eventually do all my Christmas cards and maybe even start printing on fabric for some really interesting designs/ messes to make.

What are your thoughts on my beginner block printing?

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