Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brooklyn Decker, a New Style Crush?

Brooklyn Decker, best known for being a swimsuit model and Andy Rodick's wife, is apparently in the new movie "Battleship"*, also starring Rihanna, so who knows how this film will do, domestically or internationally... but I digress. The reason I bring this whole thing up, is that this movie has given Miss Brooklyn Decker more time on the red carpet, and of course, now that I have seen more of her, I have developed a new style crush. Swoon.

Black lace gown by Femme d'armes, Stella McCartney Mini, Stella McCartney Dress
I will tell you the thing that has caught my attention the most... as you would have guessed, I love her shoes. But not only do I love her shoes but I love that she has been doing the circuit all over Europe and Asia, and has worn the same shoes multiple times. She probably has a stylist and designers who are killing to get their clothes on her body. With that in mind, she probably has clothes and shoes coming in for her every day. This is why I am impressed that she wore them more than once. Again, I digress.

Just like Rooney Mara did with her "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" premieres, Brooklyn Decker has set her own fashion pace. While Brooklyn has definitely not pushed the fashion limits like Rooney has, she still has been styled beautifully and let's face it, she wears clothes hard. Stella McCartney and J. Mendel seem to think so.

What do you think of Brooklyn Decker's red (or black or blue) carpet style?

* I have no desire to see Battleship.
**All photos from People Style Watch

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