Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zooshoo.com, a Real Deal?

Shoesday: In my quest to find more shoes like the ones that have made me famous (in the Northeast and only in circles that I travel in), I happened upon the site Zooshoo.com. I couldn't believe my eyes. Were these prices for real? Was the selection legit? Even more important, would the shoes be comfortable or would they be those shoes you buy for the deal that never get worn because they are like plastic? Hrumph.... what to do, what to do?

I didn't buy (right away); I browsed. Whilst browsing, I saw these babies. Not by the same brand I was looking for (Shoe Republic of LA) but they had the same platform wedge effect that I had been searching out. 
Qupid Burke in Rust Velvet

 The reason I love the platforms so much is that #1 they make me seem taller and #2 they are way more comfortable than your average heels or wedges. These shoes are only $27.50 and shipping on Zooshoo.com? Yeah, it was free. How could I resist just giving them a taste? If I didn't like them, I would return them and be no worse for the wear. So I put Zooshoo.com to the test... so how did they do?

First the specs on the Qupid Burke Wedges in Rust Velvet:
  • Gold-trim and belted upper for a stylish take on the modern chunky wedge.
  • Non-skid sole and cushioned footbed for walking comfort.
  • Color- Rust Velvet
  • Synthetic upper, synthetic sole
  • Heels measure approx 5.25" w/ 1.5" platform

Not Valentino quality, obviously but then aren't the majority of my shoes synthetic and man made uppers? I had never bought Qupid shoes before but there is a first time for everything. Placing my order on the site was a breeze. Any site that offers Paypal as an option is a friend in my book (because it's so easy!). Shipping ( a promised 3-5 business days) is free but let me tell you that my order came in 2 business days. I don't know if this is the norm but I am just sharing my (awesome) experience. They are on the West Coast (I think) and I am on the East Coast (I think) so they must have fulfilled my order immediately. 

Anyhoo, I was nervous to open the box. What would I find? What I found was only the best deal on shoes, well, since the Shoe Republic of LA Mary Janes from Lulus.com. Yes, the Qupid shoes aren't the best best quality but I didn't expect them to be. Did these shoes add height? You bet your bubbies or bibbies or babies or whatever. They were like rack raisers for my body! Were they comforable? Umm, yes, I was pleasantly surprised. These shoes, as expected, added the height without the steep arch that usually causes foot pain around 11am.

I am actually wicked excited about my next pair of shoes from Zooshoo.com. They carry brands like Qupid but they also have some drool worthy Sam Edelman pumps, Betsey Johnson beauties and Steve Madden favorites. I urge you guys to check them out, especially if you want to try some on trend shoes without spending big bucks. Oh and Zooshoo? If you have any size 7s hanging around that need a home? You know where to find me.


  1. Great post! I will definitely check that website out. Also, I have two pairs of Qpid boots and they are pretty decent. I get a lot of compliments on them. :) - Carla

  2. they are very cool!:)


  3. Loving the chunky wedge feel of those shoes. And I agree, the platform is ALWAYS a must;) 

  4. Love it!
    Already following U


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