Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength

Anytime I go into a Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid, Mama has to check out the nail polishes and perhaps add one (or in this case two) to the collection. I was immediately drawn to the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Collection, mainly the Garter Toss (a mint color) but then inspired to add the Jewel Overcoat in Multi-Faceted. I normally don't purchase Sally Hansen products, don't know why, but in this case, I just had to have them.

I used the Garter Toss as a base and then proceeded to use the jewel overcoat on top. You might remember my love of the Essie Luxeffects overcoat, so I am sad to say that this didn't live up to those expectations for a glitter topcoat. The thing that made me want to buy the topcoat (all the different colors/sizes glitters) is what made this such a pain in the @$$ to get on evenly. In order to make your nails look even and not clumpy, it was a chore to move the glitter all around before the overcoat dried. What this resulted in was a really thick topcoat. I might use it again but I am always in a hurry to do my nails and this wasn't the best option for that. The end result was decent. Given the chose between Essie and Sally Hansen... for now, I'll gravitate towards the Essie, thank you.

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  1. Hi! first off thanks for visiting my blog :)! I really like what I'm reading here so I followed you as well!
    Also, concerning nail topcoats, is there any clear ones that you would recommend? I'm using an OPI one at the moment but sometimes it feels a bit of a waste spending so much for just a clear nail polish!


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