Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obsession Alert: Zakary le Stele Autumn/Winter 2012

This Zakary le Stele bodysuit is everything... I love it, I want it, am I crazy? Mostly I want it to look good on these short legs, but alas these legs aren't growing any longer. Le sigh. Anyway, I had the chance to look at the Autumn/Winter 2012 lookbook and while I thought it, as a whole, was solid, this bodysuit... well, take a look.

Zakary le Stele was founded in 2010 by Camberwell College of Arts graduate, and design house eponym Zakary le Stele. Originally formed as an accessories label, the company has since broadened its scope to womenswear. The label is driven by the axiomatic urge to derive inspiration from multitudinous and often neglected sources to create pieces which are both visual and topical, as both a product and reflection of the contemporary societal construct, the label is dynamic in nature - each collection is intended as a self-contained unit; the sole constant is the commitment to a conceptual approach to design, one which is balanced with creating effervescent, luxurious and body-aware fashion. 

"In Essence the aim is to create a sartorial paradigm whereby soft femininity and raw female sexuality merge to create a strong spinal structure from which conceptual ideas diffuse and peripherate." - Zakary le Stele
I don't know what that means... but I am all about it... mostly because I am obsessed with that bodysuit. Check out some of the other looks from the Zakary le Stele Autumn/ Winter 2012 lookbook. There are some pretty sassy prints and that model is pretty much da bomb... but still, I love that jumpsuit; ugh so gorge.

Photography: Michele Yong
Model: Priscilla Miegemolle Dimé
Hair & Makeup: Loriane Leger
Fashion Editor: Pamela Kingston

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