Monday, June 11, 2012

Ebay Trend Challenge, Spring and Summer Shorts

I am not usually a huge fan of shorts in the warm weather. You'll more often than not see me in dresses, skirts and the occasional dress capri (hey, this girl works for a living!) but this season, I am totally inspired to get in on the shorts goodness that is trending all over the place. So what better occasion than shorts shopping would be a great Ebay trend challenge? None, ladies... well except maybe the floral dress Ebay challenge that I am still working on.

May 2012 InStyle Magazine
The shorts challenge was not as easy as my cat eye sunglasses challenge. First of all, while I gave myself the same $20 or under challenge, I knew this one was going to be a little more difficult to swing, well, because a good pair of shorts usually costs more than $20 to begin with! I set out to get a pair of patterned shorts because I do have denim and khaki shorts but why not get something fun for the challenge.

I ended up pouring over ebay over multiple days to find a pair of shorts that I liked, that I thought were affordable and that were new. Normally, I am find with being thrifty, hitting up a consignment shop and wearing something that someone else has worn but for some reason, when looking for these shorts, I saw some really worn and ratty looking pairs for sale on Ebay... and people expect you to pay full prices on them. Nutso. Anyhoo, I did eventually find a pair that I really liked from an Ebay seller called Shelton's Spare Closet. They were a brand new with tags pair of Jones New York black paisley prints. These fit right into what I was looking for and looked someone versatile for being printed. I snagged them for $8.95 + $5.95 shipping, keeping it under the $20 limit I was planning to go over. Also, I knew that these would look adorable with my rain boots... and lucky for me, it's been raining for 3 years (or so it seems)... I tried to rock these when I got them, with my rain boots and trench coat... unfortunately, I just looked really short haha, no pun intended.
Yes, I happen to be quite short in real life...
What you do guys think about my latest Ebay score?


  1. wow, ebay challenges, thats actually a great idea! love this short :)


  2. wow! great deal for those shorts!

  3. I'm loving me some shorts right now! I like the floral ones. :)


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