Tuesday, May 8, 2012

$20 Ebay Trend Challenge, Cat Eye Sunglasses

So I don't know about you guys but I am always hungry to try new trends but the trouble with trying things is that it costs money, people! I don't have oodles of money these days, what with a wedding in the works, a new house on the horizon (yes!) and a big school payment coming up. So what is a girl to do if she wants to "get the look" but doesn't want to spend her savings on it? Well, I am here to tell you that I think an under appreciated resource for getting the look for less is Ebay.com. I love Ebay. I have the app on my iphone (dangerous) and I think that when I tell people that I got something from Ebay, that they should not scoff at me but rather tell me how impressed they are with my mad money saving skills. So anyway, I decided to challenge myself to pick up on some trends then pick them up on Ebay for $20 or less, shipping included. Let's start this challenge as simply as possible: The Cat Eye Sunglasses trend.

Allure Magazine, May 2012

I mean, I could easily (well, not that easily) pick up a pair of designer sunnies at Nordstrom or online but I have never tried this style on before and I really didn't feel like heading to the mall to try on a pair of sunglasses that may or may not look good on this face of mine. I am always scoping stuff out on Ebay anyway, why not try to find a brand new pair of cat eye sunglasses for the cheapest I possibly could? What was I looking for exactly? Well, check out these dreamy Prada and Dior cat eye sunnies. They are a little out of my budget but they are on trend and seemingly versatile. That is what I was going for.
Prada 'Baroque' Cat's Eye Sunglasses, $290, Dior Rounded Cat's Eye Sunglasses, $275.00

I actually found quite a few options well under $20 that I thought would be worth the money, and actually, a pretty good deal. I felt like in this instance I had a good selection of interesting options to fulfill my trend requirements.

I landed on these beauties at an Ebay store called SunglassArmy, who had over 34,000 transactions and was a top rated seller. They had some "Buy Now" options but I "bid" on these for $6.95 with free shipping... and 2 days later, VIOLA, they were as good as mine.

What do you think? Did I get a good deal for about $7 bucks? And do they look good on me? What trend should I try to find next?

Tips on shopping on Ebay:
  • Try to find a seller with a great feedback score. I always gravitate towards Top Rated Sellers.
  • Use Paypal as your payment option. If something happens to your package or your seller flakes, Paypal will refund your money.
  • My personal preference is to buy from sellers in the US. It keeps business here and there is less chance of a shipping snafu.


  1. Oooh I think they look MAGNIFICIENT on you! Keep'em!

  2. thank you for adding me and following me! :)

    i really like your blog too! (i love DIY crafty things, maybe we can share some ideas!)
    again, it's very nice to meet you! <3

  3. I'm also loving the cat eye trend right now.  Especially love the Prada's you featured!

  4. Oops, forgot to mention those glasses look fabulous on you!

  5. I love the vintage sunglasses so much! :X

  6. Great post and find. Those fabulous sunnies fit your face lovely. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to find next.


  7. I am totally obsessed with my cat eyed sunglasses right now! Love this post!!



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