Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obsession Alert: White Shoes for Summer

As Summer is fast approaching and because I am pretty much always thinking about shoes, I wondered what the new frontier would be in my shoe closet. I most definitely have attacked the platform trend with a vengeance. I have plenty of colors. The staples are there, browns, blacks and neutral tones... but what is left? Since I am saving/paying/sort of saving for a wedding, house and all that jazz, I have to really justify spending money on new shoes... and by justify, I mean "explain to the man why I bought them." Anyhoo, as I searched for my newest additions, I realized that my shoe wardrobe is seriously lacking white for Summer!

Melissa Peace Printed Tassel Wedges

When I was in Junior High, High School and even college, I would purchase a new pair of canvas sneakers for the Summer. Since white gets dingy so fast and you can only bleach something so many times, it made sense to pick my canvas staples (usually with a slight chunk sole for fashion of course) at Payless or Target... but now I have my eyes on these Vans that would fit right into my everyday pretty seamlessly me thinks!

Vans Classic White Slip-On Sneakers
While searching for some fierce women's summer shoes, if you know me at all, I am more inclined to go after shoes that are either totally outlandish or suit a purpose, like wearing to work. These sassy platform Mary Janes are actually perfect for the workplace and have that little bit of edge that makes them different from your basic work heel. Mama likes!

ASOS PALMS Platform Leather Mary Janes

Of course, I had to include a wedge heel because they are my thing lately. I love being taller without all the hassle of being in pain all day from a high arch with no support. Bleh. These Aldo wedges are just my style and would surely be a super versatile option for my summer BBQs... dontchya think?

ALDO Harvet Platform Wedge

For those days when heels are just not an option (you know those days ladies) and your canvas stand by's are a smidge too casual, I introduce to you, my new favorite shoes, the slipper flat loafer type jobbie. I have a green velvet pair that surely look like a loafer but are really, basically slippers... which, I mean, is always a good thing. These, like all the other white options, are pretty versatile and would look adorbs with jeans or even a Summer dress.
ASOS Leo Slipper Shoes

And of course, no Summer shoe wardrobe would be complete without a cute little pair of flat sandals for those cookouts, day dates and trips to the boardwalk. I personally love these t-bar flat sandals from Faith Jacks as they are super affordable and also super adorable.

Faith Jacks T-Bar Flat Sandal

What do you think guys? Which ones should I pick to come live with me?


  1. omigosh! That Melissa Piece wedge is so cute. Seriously. I'm all over it!


  2. Love Melissa shoes! I'm following :) 


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