Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding Ideas

So as we creep into June (well in a couple days), I am inspired to think more about my wedding that is to happen January 5th, 2013. A "Winter" wedding, I have tons of ideas swirling around in my head about what I want to do, how I want to decorate, what colors I want to use... and the list goes on. One thing that has been hard to relay to people, mainly the man and those who would be involved with the actual set up, is what my "vision" actually is. I know that I want a Vintage wedding, but vintage can go many ways. My friend Nathalie is getting married in September and she is having her wedding at this very vintage venue but more glamorous vintage, like stained glass windows, dark woodwork glamorous. We are having our wedding in an old town meeting house and the party in a fancy barn. I would think this falls into the "Rustic" Vintage/ Shabby Chic, genre. This is very hard to explain to a man. I am hoping this post will prove to garner some opinions from you folks and also give the man an idea of where my mind is at.

Sturdy assorted succulents for our centerpieces

Because the nuptials are in January, I was trying to come up with an idea for really interesting centerpieces, that were affordable, sturdy and also fit into the idea I had for the decor. A friend of ours works for a gardening company of sorts and when I found this plant that was basically the equivalent of a cactus, I had to know what they were. She informed me that they were succulents, that they would be an awesome plant for the occasion because they are pretty and require little care to keep alive. Since they come in many different varieties, I thought it would be nice to mix them up, in one of two types of planters? Or maybe use all different sizes all over the venue?

Planters from Save-on-crafts.com
I plan to do a lot myself and with Etsy as a source of inspiration and also supplies, I am getting a clear vision. Let me know if you think I am totally off on some of these things, you know? I want everything to be cohesive and successful. This is pretty much the largest, most expensive party I will be throwing for a long time. I have highlighted some of my favorite ideas thus far and while I know they aren't all super different and inventive, I think they will make our party our kind of special.

Vintage Paper Heart and Vintage Paper Garland, both on Etsy for the pews and tables, scattered for effect

Mason Jars as candle holders?
Shabby chic clothes pins and calligraphy escort cards
Blue velvet accents on planters and candle holders?

What do you think of the direction thus far? If you are interested to see where we are getting married, check out The Barn at Gibbet Hill's website here!


  1. I love your vision Amanda. I especially adore the white roses in the rustic wood & the punched paper hearts. And I always love mason jars!

  2. This looks great! I love succulents and mason jars! They look so rustic, but still classy!

  3. Love the succulents! There's a couple of vendors on Etsy that look like they do delightful work. (succulents galore is one of them)

  4. Those paper hearts are lovely and cute :))

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  5. Love all of them and so excited for your venue!

  6. succulents are my fav! so is rustic elegance which is what I see going on here, loving the pops of blue too! It looks like a wonderful affair is in the making :)

  7. Really  interesting centerpieces,  I especially adore the white roses in the rustic wood. 

  8. I am all about succulents and mason jars...great decor pieces for wedding, home, parties, etc!


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