Friday, May 25, 2012

Outfit Post: My New (Old) Denim Jacket

My mother and I live states and states away from one another but when we get together, there is always one thing that we must be sure to do... go thrifting. We have our favorite spots in NC ( a Goodwill close to her house) and of course our old stomping grounds in MA (a couple of Salvation Army's and The Garment District). As you can imagine, when she was up this past week, we had to hit up ol' Salvation Army in Gardner Mass after we had lunch with my Grandma. This particular day, we made out like bandits because us thrifty gals, picked our goods up for pretty much 50% off everything. My pride and joy of the day? A GAP jean jacket that I estimate is from around 2004 (yes, I can guesstimate a season). Don't fret about this not being in style. I am making this jacket a new Summer staple, you just wait and see.

Denim Jacket from Salvation Army
Earrings from a Shecky's Girls Night Out vendor
Dress: Maggy London from Marshalls
Dunbar Sunglasses: c/o Bedknobs and Baubles and Fantas Eyes
Pink Platforms from Ebay Store, ApparelSave
Bag, picked up in the Bahamas baby

You'll see this denim jacket again, that's a promise...

PS. If anyone can help me locate affordable versions of these pants that Zanna Roberts Rassi rocked (I believe they are Tommy Hilfiger), you know I would be rocking them with my new jean jacket. Outfit inspiration? Yes, please.

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  1. so nice jacket!:) xoxo

  2. IlpiccolomondodicriMay 25, 2012 at 8:32 AM

    OH, thrifting is really good! The firts time time I went in a thrift store was in Italy... can you imagine how crazy I was?! wow Now, I just don't want another thing than spend a good time on etsy!!!  You look amazing with those stunning shoes!!!! The color is breathtaking and you paired so well with the black dress and the good vintage find jacket!!!

    Cri. (

  3. You look absolutely adorable!! Love it.

  4. I'm looking to invest in a new denim jacket....I have my father's from high school (circa 1960's), and it's falling a part.  But I refuse to buy anything else but another men's levi


    ps: I absolutely love your shoes!

  5. I love thrifted things too. I use them for my outfits. I love so much your shoes!


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