Thursday, May 31, 2012

Add an Applique, Add Some Sass

My favorite fabric store (within reasonable travel distance) has this most wonderful attraction. It's called the applique bin. In this bin are all manner of crocheted, woven, lacy, bedazzled appliques and adornments that one saavy and crafty fashionista can purchase for very little money (I'm talking a buck or two a piece). While I was digging through this bin for the prettiest of pretty to take home with me, I got to thinking what I could do to spice up the ol' wardrobe with just one of these. Check how I did it after the breaky-poo.

Just one of four applique bins at Fabric Place Basement, Natick MA

So I decided to take an older Target tank top, some black thread, some sewing pins and an applique and went to town. It was sort of an organic process but did not take long at all. It was fun and a satisfying craft for a night plopped in front of Real Housewives marathons. I find it also to be very therapeutic... but then that is just me.

I'll let you guys see the finished result in my upcoming outfit post. Are you like, majorly excited?

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