Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sharpie Dyed Scarf, a DIY

One can never have too many scarves, am I right? I probably have two drawers full but that didn't stop me from creating another one for my collection. I saw this tutorial on Pinterest awhile back and thought it was such a cute, easy idea for a leisurely do it yourself. I love little projects like this one. Easy to set up, easy to clean up and only a few things needed to pull it off. Of course, as with everything that I do, it was harder that it had to be but that's OK, it was definitely super fun! Have you ever thought about basically tie dying something with Sharpie markers and plain ol' rubbing alcohol? I hadn't either. Probably not as effective as regular dye (and you know how much I love my regular dye), this is still a great and tidier option for kids or those new to crafting. Check it.

The supplies I used were super affordable. The most expensive thing I needed was the pack of Sharpies. I definitely went for the multi color pack but if you are looking for one or two colors, I know office supply stores sell them as one offs. Anyhoo, what I grabbed for this was as follows:

  • Sharpie Markers in my choice of colors
  • A plain white scarf (I picked mine up at Walmart for $5)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Solo cup(s)
  • Rubber Bands 
  • Medicine/cooking dropper
  • Disposable Gloves, Sharpies stain even your hands my dudes
  • Plastic bag or something to lay down, remember Sharpies do stain

I kept designing and designing, letting the colors run and the "tie dye" effect, well, take it's effect. This is where things got a little messier than I anticipated, because as you are dripping rubbing alcohol, some inevitably drips over the side. Still, that is what my plastic bag was for and voila! problem solved. I was actually really impressed with some of the colors that were coming out but would probably limit to two colors next time, rather than attempt to combine 4 or more. Anyhoo, it took me awhile to work through the length of the scarf...

I rinsed the scarf out which definitely took some of the vibrant colors away but I didn't want to risk staining anything by putting it through the wash, leaving it to dry somewhere or something else that the man would scold me for. I tumble dried it to heat set the color and I am actually really pleased with the teal/blue/green mixture that came out. I think next time? I'll use some reds and yellows for Summah, you know?

What do you think of my experiment with Sharpie's and rubbing alcohol?


  1. Very cool and affordable!! Def want to try this with my daughter - think it would be the same process with a shirt?

  2. Very fun!  I think this would be a fun idea for kids too. 

  3. I am pretty sure it would be! Just make sure she wears gloves. I am an adult and careful and still manages to stain my fingers. No one wants a kid with permanent marker stains haha!

  4. I've played with sharpies and rubbing alcohol too and found that I want to control the running of the colors. This is a great idea to gain control! But have you found as I did that some colors run more than others? Dark purple runs a lot. The blues and greens do not run as much.


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