Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Relogy Natural Acne Treatment

I am a member of ifabbo and have recently begun sampling products, well this is my first product actually and it couldn't have come at a more opportune time. In the past couple of months, I have been royally breaking out. I mean, I read somewhere that a woman's body and hormones change configuration every 7-8 years and I must be going through one of those changes. I am getting pimples like I was a prepubescent teenager. I have even gone to the dermatologist about it. Despite using my prescribed face wash, yep, still breaking out... so why wouldn't I try Relogy out, because I really had nothing to lose.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Nanette Lepore's L'Amour for JC Penney

Oh Em Gee, you guys know how much I gush about Nanette Lepore on the weekly so it's no surprise that I have been shouting from the rooftops about her L'Amour collection for JC Penney, more specifically the [Delete] Digital Drama tee, whose proceeds go towards stomping out cyber bullying. In addition to this very special tee, there are also some slamming options designed for juniors but some of which are totally wearable for even the very style saavy 30 year old, ahem *clears throat*. There are lots of cute things in the signature Nanette Lepore florescents, very reminiscent of her Spring 2012 line. Like I told you previously, I picked up a Delete Digital Drama tee in blue but while I was shopping the JC Penney site, I had to take a look at the other L'Amour items to see if there was anything that belonged at home with me.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Style Crush: Jessica Alba's Style

Jessica Alba is a little over a year older that me. I know this because I just Googled it. I was just recently doing my bi-weekly voting on Love it or Leave It- People Style Watch when I happened upon one of Jessica's book signing ensembles, a printed Peter Som spring coat and amazing lace-up Nicholas Kirkwood heels, over skinny jeans and a white collared shirt. She looked so pretty; like really pretty and really classy... and age appropriate. I know Jessica Alba is a mother and now an author, both things that I would like to have under my belt some day. Of course, because when I know that I have other things to do, I will always rather spend some time on Zimbio and IMDB. I dug for some of Jessica Alba's most recent and style crush worthy outfit choices in recent months, and actually had to narrow it down for this post.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pattern Project: Simplicity New Look 6072 Misses' Kimono

I am sure if you turned on any new station or even frequent over the past month or so, you know that the Northeast was hit with record breaking snowfall in some areas only to then start catching up, then to get another 6 inches of snow in some areas... then we got some more on top of that last week.  So what did I do with some of my spare time, hunkered down weathering the storm/s? Well I did of course, do some obligatory packing for the new house but I also whipped up a pattern project with some fabric that I picked up at Mood in NYC last year. I was saving it but for what? A "snowy" day, of course. Check out what I worked on and the end result!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Outfit Post: Sunday Brunch Featuring eShakti

This past Sunday, I went on a lady date with my blogging buddy Molly of Wicked Cheap. She was adorable as per usual and I was sure to put on my Sunday's best for her and all to see. I may or may not have been serving up some Sunday morning cleavage but if so, I apologized as the ladies normally don't make appearances during daylight... moving on haha. Molly and I have chatted about our adoration of eShakti so I was sure to wear my newest addition from the site, which specializes in customizing dresses to suit your style and needs. This particular dress is from their new Spring line and I had it shortened for a funner, flirty look. In retrospect, I probably should have worn tights because in Massachusetts, it's still hella chilly in March.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Design by Creative Soul Spectrum

So by now you have probably noticed that I have a slightly new look here at Prim and Propah. About a month ago, I was chatting with my girl, Amy of Creative Soul Spectrum, about how she works with her ads and Passionfruit. She was a helpful little bunny in giving me some information and we got to chatting about how I don't actually have ads designed for my blog. That's when Amy offered her services to create some custom ads for the ol' blog. I jumped at the chance and asked her while we were at it, if she could help me spruce up the look of the blog as well. I knew that she designed her own Blogger blog, so I trusted she would do a stellar job with mine... and I was right. The process was fun, Amy was a great listener and my end result is a sleeker look and more focused side bar.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nanette Lepore/Seventeen Magazine Team Up to End Online Bullying

It's been a very long time since I have picked up an issue of Seventeen magazine or even pulled up the site. Sure, I like to see what the kids are doing, from time to time, but it's not usually via these means and I am 30 years old here people! So imagine my surprise when I just found myself spending a copious amount of time on Seventeen's site today. As an avid Nanette Lepore and JC Penney fan, I was immediately intrigued by one of Nanette's tweets asking for support in an effort to end teen cyberbullying, via the Delete Digital Drama Campaign, which you can guess was something Seventeen has put together. I personally feel that this is a really important matter because 1. Being a teenager has never been and never will be easy 2. Teens, as well as adults, can use the internet as a means of bullying, whether it's blatant, aggressive or passive aggressive... it's never cool. This isn't just an issue that affects teens, though this effort is geared towards them... and sending hurtful messages is NOT OK.

In addition to deleting any insulting comments or sending supportive messages to friends who have been bullied, pick up this awesome, ombré tee designed by L'Amour by Nanette Lepore! It's only $10 at JCPenney, and 100% of the proceeds will benefit STOMP Out Bullying, a national anti-bullying organization.

I ordered mine in blue. Will you grab one to support this awesome effort?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Shoe Crushes

We are in the process of moving. Moving is one of those things that, most people will agree, is friggin' awful.  You have been living where ever it is for who knows how many years. In those years, you have found that you have gathered tons and tons of sh!t... shoes in my case. In packing up some of the contents of my closet, I realized that I have a lot of shoes that were great at purchase but not in practice. I cleaned shoe house so to speak and got rid of 3-6 pairs (some are still in the Sal Val bag so technically are still with me). In this effort to clean things out, I have found myself wanting to replace said shoes with some new little family members. There are so many Spring colors and so many places to wear them in the coming months that I might just have to snag a steal, no room for a splurge but I'll still crush on them.

Seychelles Third Degree Pump, $64.94, London Rebel Cynthia Pump, $49.95, Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moccasin in Light Pink, $30.99, Sam Edelman Aster in Tangerine, $149.95, Pour La Victoire Lena in Tan Vechatta, $325.00, Franco Sarto Hallie in Lilac Leather, $89.00

A girl can dream to get a couple pairs past her man, am I right?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Indego Africa and International Women's Day

I have talked about Indego Africa before. I love the model. I love the artisans. I love what they stand for. In honor of International Women's Day, Indego Africa partnered with Google and the Business Civic Leadership Center to create customer orders for the women in their companies while also supporting the Indego Africa initiative and helping the women artisans of Rwanda find their marketplaces. I think that this was the perfect example of women supporting women, in honor of International Women's Day, so I thought I would share with you as well as give you the opportunity to purchase some Indego Africa goodies for yourself.

Indego Africa's innovative business and education model creates a broad, deep, and sustainable impact on artisans’ lives.” - Fair Trade Federation

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Livy Love Designs

I happened to be trolling Twitter one evening and happened upon Diana Smith of Livy Love Designs tweeting about her graphic designs on Etsy. Obviously, I jumped at the chance to receive one of her prints for the new house, more specifically my craft and sewing nook. In looking for the right piece to hang in your personal spaces, you want something warm and inviting, reflecting your personality and interests. I think one of the best places to find these types of prints is most certainly Etsy. Here is where artists like you and I, go to share with the world the labors of love... Diana is no exception. Her little creations are cute and capture a sweet and fun loving personality. If that describes you, you might want to check out her work:

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Outfit Post: The Wedding

I thought I would continue sharing some of our awesome wedding photography for those who were interested. My photographer, Alvah Reida, was super awesome about catching everything that I wanted, which included my wedding outfit. Obvi, I had to do the ultimate in outfit post for you guys, though this ensemble is something that I will never wear together again... though I will say that this ASOS blazer matched my Valentino booties perfectly, it was almost like kismet... I think jeans and a tee are in order in the future. And my super special jewelry will make an appearance too <3 font=""> Anyhow, check it after the jump.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gilt City Boston Warehouse Sale

This Friday, I am going to be hitting the shopping scene hard with my girl Erin. What ever am I referring to? I am talking about the Gilt City Boston Warehouse sale. You know Gilt City, of course you do. You being the ever fashion conscious shopper that you are, know about Gilt and the abundance of awesome deals that you can get, in an area near you. Me? I happen to be near Boston which makes this particular sale sort of perfect don't you think? At press time, there are still tickets left for some Saturday time slots, so be sure to grab yours so you can get your shot at amazing deals and a super fun shopping event.

  • Friday, March 8th, 9:30-11:30 PM and Saturday, March 9th from 9AM - 5PM
  • Including's Women's; Men's fashion and accessories, Kid's clothing and accessories, as well as Home Goods - up to 90% off
  • Ticketed Shopping Event with:
    • Complementary Refreshments provided by AQUAhydrate and Coco Cafe
    • Onsite bar sponsored by La Marca Prosecco 
    • Pretzel Crisps dipping station
    • $20 Uber gift card for new users to fashionably get you to the hottest events of the season
    • Photo kiosk provided by SMART Pics
    • Onsite merchandise from featured Gilt Home vendor, Cunill America
    • Music by live DJ

Attendees are also invited to tweet and instagram a photo of what they purchased from the Warehouse Sale by using the hashtag #RaidtheWarehouse to enter to win $100 of Gilt credit. So there are literally a ton of ways to have an awesome time. Drinks, DJs and shoes... this sounds like an amazing night in the making.

Are you planning to hit one of the Gilt City Warehouse Sales?

*I will be attending this sale as a guest of Gilt City. I plan to cover the sale and will, as always, be 100% honest with my opinions.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Balmain Channels the 80's

This semester I am taking Couture Design. In this class, we have to do a designer report, on our choice of Couture Designer and presenting on them. I chose Balmain, basically because I was obsessed with last Fall's embroidered majesty and shortly after I chose this designer, the Fall 2013 line came out. Ummm, I love the 80's and I feel like Olivier Rousteing brought all the embroidered magic to the runway in a pumped up, shoulder padded and metallic way this season.  It's so wrong that it's right and some of these pieces have me drooling, ie the fuschia bubble skirt that would look horrific on me. In any event, this collection was a feast for my eyes, tackiness be damned. These looks are super fun, which I'll always take over being super serious.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Obsession Alert: Name Necklaces

It was just recently that I re-watched that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie finds her "Carrie" Necklace in the bottom of her vintage clutch... you know the episode. She is in Paris with Alex and Big is on his way to sweep her off her feet, yada yada yada... well, imagine my delight when Name Plate Depot wanted to send me my very own name necklace to style as I saw fit. I know you're probably thinking, "haven't you had a name necklace before?". Actually, no I haven't so as you can imagine, I have been wearing the shiz out of this one! I have my very own "Amanda" necklace, which is like always wearing a stylish name tag!

In a quest to share this new necklace with the people, I Instagram'd a picture of me wearing it (how inventive I know) and got a lot of positive feedback including a little tit for tat, name necklace wise. My online bud, Bari J (very talented author, quilter, crafter, diva extraordinaire), posted a pictured of her wearing her name necklace from the 80's. We joked it was a great way for people to remember our names and how to spell them (hers admittedly more than mine). Besides the obvious fun that ensued, I am really digging this necklace. It's good quality, the font is cute and it matches pretty much anything I put on. It's one of those versaitle pieces you can wear 3 days in a row with 3 different outfits... so I guess I'll keep it ;-).

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*Necklace was provided by NamePlateDepot for the sole purpose of reviewing and styling as I saw fit. This does not affect my opinion as those are, as always, 100% my own.