Friday, March 8, 2013

Indego Africa and International Women's Day

I have talked about Indego Africa before. I love the model. I love the artisans. I love what they stand for. In honor of International Women's Day, Indego Africa partnered with Google and the Business Civic Leadership Center to create customer orders for the women in their companies while also supporting the Indego Africa initiative and helping the women artisans of Rwanda find their marketplaces. I think that this was the perfect example of women supporting women, in honor of International Women's Day, so I thought I would share with you as well as give you the opportunity to purchase some Indego Africa goodies for yourself.

Indego Africa's innovative business and education model creates a broad, deep, and sustainable impact on artisans’ lives.” - Fair Trade Federation

 In recognition of International Women’s Day, Indego Africa produced custom orders for Google and the Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC).
“As Google celebrates International Women's Day, we have chosen to partner with Indego Africa to provide our event attendees with a meaningful and impactful gift that supports women driven businesses and socially conscious initiatives.” 

Imirasire, a weaving cooperative located in Mayange, handpicked and dyed 1500 sweetgrass bangle sets in Google’s bold colors. These hand-woven bracelets were shipped to Google offices across the country to be distributed to Google employees in commemoration of women’s accomplishments in technology. 

"Because of this order, I was able to buy iron sheets for the roof of my house and build a kitchen which I did not have," Cesaire Kampire, fellow Imirasire member commented. 

Indego Africa continued its preparation for International Women’s Day through an order for the BCLC for their annual International Women’s Day Forum held at the Ford Foundation in New York City today.

Taryn Bird, who volunteered for Indego Africa in Rwanda, organized this forum, which gathers individuals dedicated to women’s economic empowerment.

Cocoki, a sewing cooperative located in Kigali, hand-crafted 250 tote bags for this forum which focuses on the role of women in business and companies' work towards advancing women's economic empowerment in worldwide markets. 
Indego Africa is thrilled to work with both Google and the BCLC, as they strive to promote and unleash the economic power of women throughout the world!

I love everything that Indego Africa stands for, especially on a day where we celebrate women because a modern progressive world needs equality. International Women's Day is being celebrated all around the world, today March 8th. Have you done anything to support the initiative, even if it's just sharing words or wisdom or supporting a coworker?
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  4. I know! You should check out Sseko Designs and Project Have Hope as well, both equally as awesome.

  5. You should check out Sseko Designs and Project Have Hope as well, both equally as awesome.

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