Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pattern Project: Simplicity New Look 6072 Misses' Kimono

I am sure if you turned on any new station or even frequent over the past month or so, you know that the Northeast was hit with record breaking snowfall in some areas only to then start catching up, then to get another 6 inches of snow in some areas... then we got some more on top of that last week.  So what did I do with some of my spare time, hunkered down weathering the storm/s? Well I did of course, do some obligatory packing for the new house but I also whipped up a pattern project with some fabric that I picked up at Mood in NYC last year. I was saving it but for what? A "snowy" day, of course. Check out what I worked on and the end result!

I don't know if you remember that Fashion week where I also hit up Mood Fabrics while I was in NYC? Well, I picked up this awesomely loud, turquoise patterned fabric while there. What did I plan to do with it? Well, at the time, I had no idea. Most people who sew know that you don't always have a project in mind when you purchase fabric. It is how we become fabric hoarders, but I digress. I thought this fabric would be perfect for both the base and the binding for a colorful and handmade addition to my wardrobe.

I am particularly fond of easy to whip up patterns because #1 they are easy to whip up and #2 they are easy to whip up. The Project Runway series of patterns called "Workroom" I have found to be basic enough that even a novice sewer could stumble through them, ending in a wearable garment. If you are looking for high fashion patterns? Well, these are not them... but they are cute and will do.

The stitching that this pattern required was very straight forward, if not a little tedious. There were a few curves and angles that took some care, at the sleeves and armpits as well as some careful stitching needed for the hems. The most time consuming part of the pattern, in my opinion, was just being sure that all the correct pieces were matched. When assembling, to me, the pieces seemed to be very similar but even that did not take me too long to keep moving on. All in all, I found this to be fairly simple with a worthwhile end result.

Pattern: Simplicity New Look 6072 Misses' Kimono from Project Runway "Workroom"
Sewing Level: Beginner
Pattern Instructions: Very easy to follow, helpful tips included at junctures in process
Design: Basic, nothing too crazy interesting
Overall Grade: B+

What do you think of the end result?


  1. Thanks so much! Can't wait to get back to pick up some replacement fabric haha!

  2. I love it. The pattern is very fun and cheery. Gets you in the spring mood.

    I collect kimono robes but sadly I can't sew. I tried learning in school but just couldn't get the hang of it. The funny thing is I have a small shop that sells sewing patterns!

  3. Thank you Jeanine! I love the pattern too! This was a super simple pattern. I bet if you really wanted to you could learn! That's so cool that you have a shop. Do you have a website?

  4. I think this is one I had saved in my "to buy and make" list - seeing it on you has made me love it more! Looks pretty easy - woo hoo! :) Love the fabric you used.

  5. I swear this was one I might have even snagged at Walmart for a couple bucks; it wasn't pricey at all... and SUPER simple. Nice day project!

  6. I don't if I would try again, however photography is my passion. My pictures were even published in a glossy European Magazine. Anyway, here is the link to my store

  7. I was trying to send you an email but your email button on your blog isn't working for me. If you get a chance, drop me an email Thanks!


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