Thursday, November 1, 2012

JC Penney Deserves Your Love

Liz Claiborne Active Printed Velour Pullover, $25

I don't know about you guys but I have recently rediscovered JC Penney. Aaaaand, I am pretty stoked about it. My Mom used to order from the JC Penney Catalog back in the day, which was triple the size of phone books with everything from pool tables to bedding back to slippers in it's pages. I can remember going through the toy section and earmarking the pages so my Mom would know which ones she could/should get us for Christmas. In any event, the years went by and I never bothered to shop for anything at JC Penney again because I had it in my head that I couldn't find anything there. When you are growing up, it's all about what's the cool place to shop and what brand name you can be seen wearing (ex: girls clad in Abercrombie, ugh). While that is still somewhat relevant to me ( I like nice things, OK?), I do love getting a good deal and on trend. This is where JC Penney came back into my life.

I was meeting my friend and her kids at the movies but she first needed to stop at JC Penney (or JCP for short) to get the kids some snow pants before the season starts.Snow pants, ha.... but when I walked into JCP, I was met with, GASP! a Sephora inside! What? How did I not know this happened? Also, while perusing snow pants, which are a necessity here in the Northeast, there were also awesome options for teenagers and adults. I didn't have time to shop that day, but I brought the future MIL back a couple weeks later and we stocked up on some goodies and at a great deal!

I 'Heart' Ronson® Motorcycle Jacket, $50, Bisou Bisou® Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $50, Blanc Noir Drape Front Moto Jacket, $50

After some bad news coming out about JC Penney shares dropping yesterday, I thought I would write this blog post. I have gone to JC Penney 3 times in the last month and have spent less than $100 on some great additions to my wardrobe. With brands like MNG by Mango, Nicole by Nicole Miller, Bisou Bisou, and I "Heart" Ronson, JCP has definitely moved up a couple notches as far as what they are carrying not just for teens but also for hip, stylish adults as well.

MNG by Mango Peplum Skirt, $45,  Worthington Belted Skirt, $27, Allen B. Faux Leather Mini Skirt, $25
 Whether you like a hard edge or a softer look, JCP definitely has looks for everyone. I picked up a fierce peplum skirt, my comfy velour pullover (seen above) and some fantastic blue skinny jeans (on clearance!) so got a bang for my buck. Think of it this way, young girls shop at Forever 21 for their disposable clothing on the cheap. This is an adult version except the clothes are actually a good quality and will last you more than two wears. Sounds good to me!
JCP Cap Sleeve Dress, $40, Worthington® Ruffle-Front Belted Dress, $35, Bisou Bisou Belted Dress, $40

Have you shopped at JC Penney recently? Don't you think you should give them a try?

*and no, JC Penney did not ask me to post this :-)


  1. Kirstin Elaine MyersNovember 1, 2012 at 12:46 PM

    This is a great post and I will definitely check it out!

  2. those moto jackets are awesome! the JC Penney at the natick mall is actually really good, they have a great makeup section and mini-sephora in there


  3. Technically it is no longer JC Penney. They are jcp now (lowercase). Always trying to be different! ;)

  4. Thank you for the clarification, Friend with kids ;-) I didn't know it was a technical rebranding.

  5. JCP has definitely stepped it up! I must agree that it is not the Christmas catalog shop of all! All are great but I think my faves are the Bisou Bisou striped dress and the Worthington skirt! Nice!

  6. You are not alone with the JCPenny luv! Not sure who's doing their buying recently but I most definitely luv it!!

  7. I didn't realize that either!

  8. I totally agree!! I wrote an article on jcp also. Don't forget- they're getting JoeFresh too!!



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