Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Black and White, Always in Style

I know this is nothing new but Black and White style is in... always has been in... and always will be in. Sadly, I have been feeling like my black and white wardrobe is lacking that extra something so decided to go on the lookout for that something. Some of my favorite black and white looks are below. These gals are super sassy even with no pops of color. Tre chic!

Emma Roberts sequined Rachel Zoe Collection dress, Cameron Diaz in a breezy unbuttoned Stella McCartney blouse and wide-leg trousers and Diane Kruger in a polka-dot Diane von Furstenberg dress.

I felt the need to shop people and there was a 25% off your entire order from DorothyPerkins.com that I just couldn't let pass me "buy". I went in with the express direction of picking out some black and white buys that will be good transition from Spring into Summer and maybe perhaps, good for work. I have come to terms with my love of dresses and if that is what makes me comfortable then I see no problem buying a new one.  I found some pretty amazing options in my size, and actually some were on sale. I have shopped Dorothy Perkins before so I trust their service and quality for my money. Want to see what is en route to me now? Do you think they are sassy enough? I'll obviously have to let you know what I think and maybe do an outfit post ;-)

 Black White 2 in 1 Dress, DorothyPerkins.com and Black and White Tapered Pants, DorothyPerkins.com, White Palm Print Dress, DorothyPerkins.com

What do you think of my black and white buys?


  1. Love the new purchases and love black & white, always. Dorothy Perkins (or Dottie P. as they call it in the UK) is one of my favorites and will be my second stop (after Top Shop) when I get to London for a visit next week... I might have to snag that palm print dress for myself.

  2. oh hy how amazing is that white palm print dress?!! Those pants are really pretty too!

    x Aliya
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