Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obsession Alert: Deborah Courtoy A/W 2012

I am like super into gowns lately, well you know, because I am getting married. Since I haven't yet purchases a dress, I am even entertaining the idea of an evening gown instead of a traditional gown. I mean at this point, I am open to anything as long as it is in the white color family and isn't too risque for a church. Anyhoo, I was immediately impressed with the Deborah Courtoy A/W 2012 gowns when they were introduced to me earlier this week. They are feminine without going over the top aaaaaaaand you know, I like my clothes to be a lil' sassy. Deborah's designs fit that bill.

Deborah Courtoy A/A 2012

Cocktail dresses are on my radar as well. There are showers, rehearsals and bachelorette parties to dress for as well, so I am open to any designer's forray into the realm. I had never heard of Deborah Courtoy designs until recently but then she is apparently fairly new on the scene, which is fine by me... I mean I am in design school after all ;-)

You can find Deborah on Facebook or on Twitter. I was sure to follow immediately! I love a good emerging designer (me swooning). What do you guys think?

ABOUT: With a degree in Fashion Design from Helmo Mode, Belgium and Coventry University, Deborah started working as an assistant fashion designer for an evening wear and bridal wear designer based in Brussels. A year later, Deborah decided to return to the UK to work for another luxurious fashion designer. Inspired by dynamic British culture, she has now decided to launch her own women swear label in hopes of inspiring the world. The vision for her label is to celebrate femininity while keeping the less is more concept in mind to create timeless pieces with an edge.

Deborah Courtoy's collections feature effortless yet elegant evening/cocktail dresses. The concept of the collections was to have timeless designs that the customers could add to their timeless wardrobe classics.The collections present flawless and romantic plain fabrics, those features are simple but yet classy, subtle and ubiquitous in the brands philosophy.

The first collection maintains soft silhouettes and draping in silk or net, with asymmetric cuts and a mixture of opaque and semi-transparent fabric is used divulging part of the body though them. Deborah Courtoy introduces for her first collection fluid romantic floor length evening gowns. The collection is delicate and yet romantic using soft colors for a more subtle effect.


  1. Love these dresses, so proper and gorgeous! :) <3

  2. The back of the first dress is gorgeous!

  3. Ahhh!  Such lovely dresses!  
    I'm so excited that you are getting married, and I can't wait to see what dress you choose!



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