Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy and Blah

I have been terribly busy lately. We have recently started house hunting (and put an offer in on, had offer accepted on and ended up back in house buying limbo on a dreamy house), we are planning a wedding which is coming along (we just placed the order for the succulents for the centerpieces), the mothers were up this past weekend (we bought the dress), I just registered for my Summer Fashion Illustration class... all in all, these are really happy exciting things but right now, I am just blah at this point. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and have seriously been slacking on the blog, which I will always tell you is something that is so important to me. I haven't had time to cultivate the interesting content that I really like to share and that also is the most popular. The creativity has been stifled due to the massive amounts of energy being spent in every other facet of my life. If this blog is so important to me, wouldn't I make the time for it?

If I continue to hold myself to the standards that I have been holding myself to, I am most definitely going to feel guilty about this blog, my labor of love. I have this idea of myself being the most creative and inspiring person I know, spewing forth ideas that everyone will love and telling stories that a lot of people can relate to... trouble is, I am having issues with giving myself unrealistic expectations of what I can get done and what I can get done at the standard of which I hold myself to. It's a vicious cycle of self inflicted failure fear. Ugh.

I am going to spend the next few days concentrating on crafting, sewing and getting together with friends. I have a concert with friends tonight, I am going to work on being creative but also giving myself a break from my own pressure. I will be blogging; this isn't a send off. This is more an explanation of why the blog has been slim pickings lately and how I want things to happen more organically in the future.

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  1. I may not always comment, and I may be behind in reading your posts, but please know I do read them! Blog because you love it - not because you feel an obligation. Love you!


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