Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Intro to Creative Fashion Design, Complete

So I am so excited to say that I have my first fashion design class under my belt. Last night was the final session of my Intro to Creative Fashion Design class and I am pretty proud so say that I made it through, relatively unscathed. I have to say that this class has left me invigorated but also acutely aware of the commitment that I am making. I work a full time job and took this class thinking that I would be able to complete it, no problem. The class was creatively demanding as well as had a bunch of projects, especially toward the end. I found myself nearing the final class, and realizing that I didn't manage my time well. Rushing is not exactly the way that you want to pull the creativity out; I find it is better to let things grow organically... which I will leave more time for in the future. You may have heard that I was accepted into the Fashion Design Program. I am extremely excited and a little nervous, but mostly excited. Up next? I am taking a Fashion Illustration course this Summer. I am really looking forward to filling my fashion toolbox with all sorts of useful knowledge. For now though? I am appreciating the free time I have for the next couple months.


  1. way to go!

  2. woo hoo! way to go Amanda! i remember being in art school and it being a ton of work. Lots of projects and critiques.  And although I love how wonderful the critiques are to help you grow they are always so nerve wrecking too.  Enjoy your summer and good luck on your journey! xoxo

  3. congratulations and enjoy your time off.


  4. nice...congratulations..
    take a look at my blog, we can follow each other if you want

  5. CONGRATS though! super exciting! I am your newest follower too! on GFC!
    I would love if you would follow me back on GFC- I have blogloving too(as of a few minutes ago)

    Also. kudos on advocating for fair trade girl! I am all about that! I look forward to your visit- I would also really love some feedback on my blog! :D

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