Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mint Fever has Hit Me!

I am like soooooooo digging minty fresh colors these days. I get that so is everyone else but that doesn't mean that I love it any less... well sometimes, I like to go against trends, but not in this case. There are a couple of minty images that have really made me crush harder ( I will pause here for you take in the splendor)... Am I right? Disclaimer: I pretty much love whatever Rachel McAdams does. Mint it is.

All this talk about mint...this makes me want to go shopping... so I thought we could window (computer) shop together. Here are some of my favorite items out there right now. I will confess, I may or may not have picked up a dress from Asos.com in the minty realm. You may or may not find it here. ;-)

What do you guys think? Are you down with the minty-freshness?


  1. federica.delprinoMay 1, 2012 at 6:23 AM

    Totally love this colour :DD 


  2. Im down with the minty freshness!

  3. After the orange trend this color is my next favorite.

    Dani over and out :)


  4. I have to say I'm surprised at how much I love this color. I don't normally go for green unless its a dark forest green - but this shade is just so pretty. I love the dress Rachel McAdams is wearing.

  5. You followed me on IFB (just accepted it).  I am new to IFB, so I am still trying to figure that site out.  I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog (I've only looked at about 5 posts so far), and I love the mint trend you have going on here.  I just got a pair of mint shorts the other day and LOVE them.  Whenever you get a chance, check out my blog http://sororitydrunk.blogspot.com and feel free to give me any tips because I have only been doing this a few weeks.  Thanks! -SD


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