Monday, February 20, 2012

Jewelry from the Runway: Ben-Amun

This fashion season, I was all about reporting on not necessarily the most covered shows (although I did choose a few of those as well) and was actually surprised that a few reps from jewelry designers contacted me about the shows that they were included in. I did coverage on Corey Lynn Calter, and soon learned that Ben-Amun provided all the jewelry for those looks that I loved so much. I feel bad that I hadn't even tried to do the research, because this jewelry is pretty fantastic.

Thick Gold Bangle, Gold Hinge Cuff, Portofino Gold Ivory Bead Earrings, Molten Gold and Black Earrings, Hammered Gold Necklace

Some pieces that I found (besides the ones in Corey's collection) had me even more smitten as a kitten. Their original and funky looks would really fit in with my eclectic wardrobe, especially the following dreamy dreamalicious items that I will pining for until I hint (harrass) to the man that I need to be given a gift. I am especially in love with the necklaces. Statement piece is an understatement for the majority of Ben-Amun's designs.

Neon Fan Necklace
Byzantine Multi Color Collar Necklace
Portofino Golf Horn Pendant
Orange Half Moon Necklace

So what do you think? Had you ever heard of Ben-Amun designs? If not, will you be jumping on the train with me?

You can find Ben-Amun designs on their site, blog, and Twitter.

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