Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Runway All Stars, Episode 6

Ah yes, another episode of Project Runway All-Stars has come and gone... We laughed, we cried and we sent one designer packin'! As always, if you haven't seen the episode, then this post will ruin the outcome for you.

Last night really irritated me; the designers, the judges, the lame challenge. Angela announced our challenge with 8 different handbags and I am thinking, cool they are designing to match a handbag. Nope, she passes the bags out, our designers take a slip out of said bag, and are assigned a season: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. They are to make an outfit suitable for a weekend getaway (them justifying the weekend bags) and they are going head to head with another designer. One will have a high score and one will have a low score. Bleh. Austin and Kara have Spring, Kenley and Mondo have Summer, Mila and Rami have Autumn and Jerell and Michael have Winter. And we're off!

Let's skip straight to the drama. Jerell has been working half the episode on a wrap/jacket/poncho jobbie in this grey wooly material. Michael Costello basically steals his idea and then makes a federal case out of it when the other designers only mildly elude to the fact that he might have taken inspiration from Jerell's look. The following Tweets/ Twitter conversation sums up how I felt about this episode.

@petalandpink Was Michael Costello always this bitchy?
@PrimandPropah Yeah it started last week... but he is being such a bitch this week.
@petalandpink seriously! I'm not a fan to begin with but this is obnoxious.
@petalandpink I honestly don't understand the judging on #prallstars its always the opposition of my thoughts.
@PrimandPropah That Angela bugs the sh!t out of me....
@petalandpink me too! I miss normal runway. Tim, Nina, Heidi, and Mr. Kors.
@PrimandPropah I might get smacked down but the only judge I like is Georgina and that's only because she has an accent and is really pretty.
@petalandpink I like her hair, not as much as Nina's though.
@petalandpink How is it that Michael copies and stays?

So our designers face off. Kara, Mila, Jerell and Kenley are our top designers. That leaves Austin, Rami, Michael and Mondo in the bottom. We feel really bad at this time because Mondo's mother's birthday is today and he wanted to make her proud. Sadface. Anyway, Jerell wins, as if to make the episode more interesting, hoorah! Jerell won fair and square, he was "the better man." Well, if you were to ask this blogger, the producers should have told the judges to boot Michael for dramatic effect especially because he was in the bottom last week... but they didn't and we bid Rami a fond farewell. 

Judging by the tweets from eliminated designers and even designers still on the show, the comments from our judges were not taken kindly. I, myself, am a little miffed at the way things are going down... but now I must see it through to the end. I will end with a tweet by our eliminated designer.

@RamiKashou Lol welcome to the chess game y'all

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  1. Oh my autocorrect! Ugh. Everyone (with the exception of Jerrel) who I thought would be top was on the bottom. Out of sheer copy-cattiness (ha! See what I did there?) Michael should have gone home. Michael should ALWAYS go home. My poor Mondo, I felt so badly for him, his look was better than Kenley's Minnie Mouse thing.


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