Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Laura Mossop Art, In Love

So I have been looking for an illustrator for awhile now. No one famous, or super expensive but rather someone who could create an image for my blog that #1 I loved, #2 represents me but also #3 looks a little fantastic. I wanted an artist so I put a post on the Independent Fashion Blogger's community board. It's for members only so I know I would probably find a fashion illustrator. Wellp, no one responded to me, not right away at least.

After I had sort of forgotten about it, Laura Mossop contacted me and asked if I was still looking for someone to do an illustration/portrait. Of course I was! I took a look at her site and she incorporates traditional methods of painting with contemporary digital methods.... so cool. 

She asked me what I was looking for and I explained that I wanted something similar to a portrait but with creative elements included all to tie in with the blog. She requested a few pictures of me and somethings that I wanted to incorporate into the painting, because that is how she rolls. I sent her the following 3 pictures. The first is one of my favorite pictures of Marylin Monroe. She looks beautiful in the photograph, the coloring, her pose, just everything to me is appealing. The second picture was one of my favorite looks from the Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 line. The orange, the lace, the funky fun attitude and then finally there was a photo of my with my new favorite haircut, something I obvi needed to include.

Laura almost immediately responded with a rough sketch and to me, rough is the wrong word. The first draft was already awesome. She asked that I make tweeks and let her know what I would change or add. What direction did I want to go in?

I told Laura that I love my face, keep the lip color, less orange and more peachy purples. Also, I asked to add my blog title to the photo. In a very short amount of time, Laura turned around another draft with my changes.
The only tweak that she and I both agreed was necessary to pull the blog into this, was to lighten up the lip color, which she did quickly and beautifully. She also created an image for me with and without the blog title so I could use it for different applications. This process was so easy, so fun and I am so happy with the results.
I think that if you are looking for a fashion illustration, a portrait or a combination of the two, you should seriously consider checking out Laura Mossop Art on her blog, her portrait blog and just peruse around. I will most definitely contact Laura in the future with the blog needs an update or anything of the sort really. She was fantastic to work with; obviously haha because I am sharing it with you..

Where can you find Laura?

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  1. It turned out so lovely, the lace background and colors are so pretty. I think Laura captured you beautifully!


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