Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring has Sprung, Literally

Since one of my main "things" about having a house was to have some place to garden, you can imagine that the second that plants, seeds and the like started hitting the stores and markets, I was all over that. I actually might have gone a little overboard. I told the man I was going to Bed Bath and Beyond to exchange some curtain rods and I came back with everything I would need to start my seeds at the house...purchased at Target. Point of information: I also did exchange the curtain rods. In any event, I have started on my gardening adventure, in our home, so that I am ready to get this garden party started once these are ready to head outside.

 photo SeedPackets-1.jpg
I obviously bought every herb and spice I could grow and started some seedlings indoors. I used one of those Burpee self watering kits which was about $20 but well worth it. I would recommend it to anyone who really does have a hard time remembering to water their house plants. I started two rows of 6 different seeds so I'll have plenty to transplant. Some seeds need to be started early, while I will plant others out in the garden in a few weeks when the weather is good and trustworthy. Guess which of my sprouts was the first to make an appearance? It was Cilantro... followed shortly thereafter with the catnip I planted for Sigourney. Yes, I like to keep my cat "happy".

 photo CilantroSeedlings.jpg

There are so many things sprouting and becoming beautiful around the place, not just my seedlings, which are flourishing. We moved into this house with time to see that we have flowering trees, tulip bulbs and all sort of floral ground cover.

 photo IMG_5778.jpg

Do you have Spring springing up around you? I am really appreciating it this year.


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  2. I love that you planted catnip for Miss S. ;)


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