Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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It seems like lately I have been seeing everybody and their brother talking about eyeglasses online. I personally wear my contacts most times because it's a much more direct corrective prescription on my eye ball but there are some instances when I want to look quirky cute or plain and simple, my eyes need a break from the contact lenses. There are multiple sites where us visually challenged can find prescription eyewear at a deal, and with way more a selection that at our eye doctor's office (though my eye doctor does pretty well for themselves). One line I was just introduced to was the Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses at  The line is affordable on buit more importantly to me, the styles are pretty interesting. They have a vintage flare and seem to look good on all different face shapes (see my fave Instagram shots below).  For every pair of glasses that are purchased, gives a pair to someone in need. I really dig that because glasses can be expensive and if you ask me, are sort of a necessity.
Brown Tortoiseshell 7010
These are my favorite frames by far. They are very "Catch me if you can" and "Old fashioned detective", which I think is fun. I am usually drawn to the tortoise shell but might branch out on my next pair of Designer Eyeglasses. What do you think of these frames? Do you think they will suit my face?

Where do you purchase your eyeglasses? Are you strictly an eye doctor gal or do you order online?
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  1. I love the frames. I will check them out. I buy glasses online but I get them filled at my doctors office.

  2. I have a big family and we all wear glasses! We've been ordering them from this site for years, and I've never been disappointed!


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