Monday, May 13, 2013

Obsession Alert: Pura Vida Bracelets

I can't even remember where it was that I first saw Pura Vida Bracelets. Maybe it was someone's Facebook page or a mention on Twitter but while the love affair has been short, it has been glorious thus far. It started with their swift and fantastic support of Boston Strong with the sale of their Boston Strong bracelets. Pura Vida Bracelets strongly believes in giving back. They are donating 100% of sales to the One Fund... that's pretty amazing. PS. You should grab one! I bought one for myself, my Mom and my sisters. Feeling the pressure yet? ;-)

While I was on the site, I grabbed one of man sassy Breast Cancer bracelets ($2 of $12 donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation) because this has always been a cause near and dear to my heart. On the item page, they link up to the charity's website and social media sites. Do you want to show support for your favorite charity? Take a look at their Charity Collection. I was pleasantly surprised at how many charities are being represented... seriously, there are like 5 pages full of them. On top of all that, they sell these bracelets to help provide Costa Ricans work. I think that's fantastic, all around and something you can feel good spending your money on. Arm candy for a cause. If you're interested, they also have bracelets just because, which are still great because they are all for a cause! Feel good shopping, my favorite kind.

What do you think of Pura Vida bracelets? Check out their website, find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


  1. i hadn't heard of Pura Vida bracelets until I saw your instagram last week. I'm definitely going to buy a Boston Strong bracelet! I've been silently protesting the "I wear a million different bracelets on my arm" trend BUT this is different and meaningful! Thanks for the info.

  2. It's so funny you say that, Melissa because I was also silently protesting "arm candy" and am now a convert! I am a sucker for the Boston Strong stuff and then once you get me on a site, forget it, I'm hooked haha.

  3. Nope.They're just pieces of string. You'd be better to support local artisans by buying charity bracelets at places like, that way your supporting small local businesses & charity too x

  4. I also shop on Etsy as well but you may not be supporting charity. with purchases there. Small business owner yes. I always like to make sure to vet charitable purchases to make sure they are legit. Pieces of string or not, I know that Pura Vida is legit :-)


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