Thursday, May 2, 2013

Obsession Alert: Belle Etoile Jewelry

This past weekend, you may recall that I mentioned Lux Bond and Green being on site at the Blog Better Boston Style Summit. While they had a lovely set up with all sorts of sparkly jewelry, I was most drawn to the pieces from the Belle Etoile jewelry line that they had on site. The Perroquet sterling silver and hand painted enamel pendants, rings and bracelets are colorful, fun and just my speed. I immediately texted the man a picture of the pendant with a coral colored cord. I actually thought about it all day, which is not my norm when it comes to jewelry. I am more likely to daydream about shoes. Since the whole wedding thing happened, you sort of have to run these types of purchases by the significant other... so this is my appeal to a certain someone who lives in the same house with me, to support my purchase of one of the Belle Etoile pendant necklaces. I have to say my favorite three collections are the Perroquet (pictured below), Flamingo and Papyrus, though there are many other lovely lines as well. In any situation, I find Belle Etoile to be quite the crush worthy jewelry.

"Inspired by the vibrant beauty of the wild, the Perroquet Collection showcases a bejeweled parrot perched among a gorgeous array of tropical splendor. Rhodium-plated and nickel-free, Belle √Čtoile's designer sterling silver is adorned with finely cut stones and hand-painted enamel. Bring the tropics home with Perroquet."

What do you think of the Belle Etoile Line? 

You can search for a retailer near you here and if you live in the New England area, you can be sure to check out your closest Lux Bond and Green location.


  1. I love the ring. Definitely conversation starting jewelry!

  2. Seriously, splendid conversation starting jewelry... like Hey husband, I have something I want to talk to you about ;-)

  3. Oh wow, it's so happy! I love bright jewelry like this that's not too obnoxious. A subtle touch of pretty colour is awesome for summer!


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