Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shoe Shopping Frustrating? For Once, it Was...

So my little baby sister is getting married in June. She is having me and my other sister (the green kangaroo) as her bridesmaids. We are very excited, for her shower, for her wedding and of course for celebrating her married life, yay! The bridesmaids dresses are kelly green; the kid loves green, what can I say? So we all agreed that a neutral dressy sandal of some sort would look good with this dress. My sister and I began the hunt for the perfect, understated nude sandal... which is easier said than done.
Le Silla, Jimmy Choo, DSquared, Dolce and Gabbana, Rupert Sanderson
Now if you know me, you know I LOVE me some shoes. All shoes, high heeled, flat... you name it, I love them. I thought that finding 2 pairs of Size 7, affordable, neutral Summer dress sandals would be a cinch. I was sadly mistaken with how hard it was to not only find an affordable pair of shoes that both me and my sister liked/ was appropriate, but to then to find 2 pairs of them in the same size. Booo Hisssss.

I am used to wearing heels, my sister not so much but she agreed to give them a whirl for the occasion. We worked on coordinating long distance. I am in Massachusetts and both my sisters are in North Carolina. Emails were exchanged. Nothing had been decided. Gosh, I just wanted to find the perfect shoes! Than I was sure I had found them. I was perusing and happened upon the Bamboo Covina T-Strap Heel in Nude (seen above). I added two size 7's to my cart. I texted my sister a picture of the heels and as she promptly replied, I rushed to purchase them both... then it happened. One pair of my two was no longer available... it was literally 5 minutes lapsed. A single tear went down my cheek. I let me sister know we were still on the search. 

Then as if by magic, I saw a friend tweet her newfound obsession with so obvi had to check it out. Not only did I find a pair that we super affordable, appropriate and in stock, I fortunately/unfortunately for my change purse, found a brand new site for inexpensive shoes for those trendy ladies in my life, mainly me. There are so many more shoes that will need to come home with me after discovering this site... but most importantly, the ever important bridesmaid shoe hunt of 2013, finally came to an end... thank goodness!
 photo shoes-heels-jpo-enzo-01_nude_1.jpg
Anne Michelle Enzo Open Toe Sandal
What do you think of the heels we finally landed on?


  1. Georgina CastellucciMay 1, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    Congratulations! Those are gorgeous! What a heck of a process though, you have a lot of patience. I'm sure you sister(s) appreciate it :)

    xo Georgina

  2. I despise shopping for bridesmaid/MOH shoes. I can NEVER find ones that are comfortable! Finding comfortable gold ones for my little sis's wedding was a challenge! Love the shoes you chose <3

  3. I am OBSESSED with UrbanOG!!! I Stumbled on their site about a year ago, and I've never looked back :)

  4. Seriously, they have SO many shoes... it's dangerous!

  5. And I found two pairs! It was a magical moment!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Georgina! And yes, both my sisters appreciate it :-)

  7. Great choice! Simple yet elegant! And I bet you'll get multiple uses out of them...I have a few bridesmaid shoes that I've never worn twice:(
    I'm going to check out urbanOG, because I to have horrible shoe addiction:)
    Lord knows my wallet would appreciate it.
    xo, jackie

  8. first of all, this post is adorable. second, those shoes are so cute! great find :) I love finding the perfect shoes!!

    <3 Lianna J @ Salem Style


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