Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Custom Bridal Jewelry by NUDA

Hey guys, I thought I would spread out the wedding stuff, for those interested parties, so that I can update you on some of my favorite things about the day but also save some of the fun (and professional) pictures until, well, I get them! One of things that I was really proud to say that I did for my wedding day, was to have both my bridesmaids jewelry and my jewelry custom made by some of my fave jewelry makes/designers. The bridesmaid jewelry is for another day, this post is for the fabulous rose quartz jewelry that I had designed by one of my faves, Gale of NUDA. I contacted Gale with a very loose idea of what I wanted (rose quartz) and threw some stones and beads I bought at her. Needless to say, she worked her magic. Gale shared her creative process with me so obvi, I had to share it with you. She was a great collaborator with me and my vision (ummmm she used a mallet for me). I would recommend her to anyone who wants a special piece for any occasion. Take a look at what she sent over to me to share:

Here Amanda's choice of Rose quartz stone, which I took off just a bit to make a slightly smaller pendant for her necklace.

I followed the rough natural contours of the stone with small crystals and pretty gold lines.

2am is when my creative juices flow freely. The bulk of Amanda's necklace happened then... felt it out and continued adding more beads, crystals, and wire-wrapped elements to this piece.

Beads and wire creep up the woven gold vintage chain from the rose quartz center -- organically on one side, while linear on the other.

I smashed and smoothed more rose quartz stones to create Amanda's earrings and bracelet.

Elements from Amanda's statement necklace made it's way into creating perfect drop earrings and a wrap bracelet to match. Bridal set complete!

 A great challenge and pleasure!  I had so much fun doing this, Amanda!! Thank you for inviting me to:)

My bridal set was a hit, mostly due to Gale's absolute craftsmanship; the pictures don't do the jewelry justice. As soon as my professional pictures come back, I will be sure to share as I was sure to have my photographer catch my jewels. I wanted something funky and different and that is exactly what I got. I couldn't have been more pleased. You can Follow Gale on Twitter at @NudaDesigns and be sure to Like NUDA on Facebook.

What do you think of the set?


  1. Love the pieces Gale made! Beautiful artwork.

  2. I know! She was the best to work with and I love this jewelry forever!

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  4. Amanda, your wedding jewelry is absolutely gorgeous. Gale is so creative and did such an excellent job! I love the rose quartz... such a pretty stone to use with gold.

  5. I didn't even see that you visited Amanda! We need to get together soon!

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