Saturday, January 26, 2013

I am obvi always looking for a new place to grab a steal of a deal. I have said it before and I'll say it again that I will always give a retailer, even online ones, a chance before I knock them. So I guess the saying goes "don't knock it before you try it." ;-) Anyhoo, I was recently introduced to eFoxCity, which is an online wholesaler of everything from costume jewelry to wedding dresses to men's pants  and back again to women's attire. I know the idea of buying from an online wholesaler may seem questionable or not very high fashion but I never claimed to be the type who has to pay a ton of money to look cute and/or cool. Check out what I mean.

Red Momoko Sexy Square Earring

Just browsing through the jewelry, and I have to feel OK about the prices versus what the quality would be. I figure that even if this costume jewelry was just on trend/only good for one season, it would earn it's keep. I mean what is a couple of  wholesale brooches between friends? I actually think a lot of the jewelry is cute and couldn't hurt to try at least once.

Gold Neckline Brooch
Black Triangular Form Earrings
eFox City is actually sending me a couple of pieces of jewelry to review so I will have to keep you guys updated on  how things go with the jewelry they deliver and what the quality ends up being like. I am hopeful that this may be a new place to grab some trend worthy items. Who knows, if I am smitten with the quality and service then men's outerwear might be next!

What do you think? Would you every give eFoxCity or similar online wholesalers a chance?

*This is a sponsored post though all opinions and thoughts within it are 100% my own.

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