Monday, January 14, 2013

The Shoes of My Wedding Weekend

Note: I didn't post this on Friday as intended, so sue me! Today should be Friday, January 4th and today should be the day before my wedding day. Yeah, I'm excited. Yeah, there is so much going on right now. And yeah, I will document my days in the shoes I will wear. You might call me crazy, and you can if you want, but I love shoes so very much. I will note these babies in my wardrobe and how they played their part in my big weekend.

Running Errands Shoes:

The girls at work chipped in and got me a DSW gift card as a wedding present. Oh how lovely to get a present that can only go towards supporting one of my favorite hobbies, shoe shopping. I chose a pair of sneakers because #1 my faves are starting to get worn and #2 I wanted something a little sturdier to bring on our honeymoon for adventure seeking!

Nike Women's Air Alvord 10 Trail Running Shoe

Rehearsal Dinner Shoes:

My blogging bff, Ty from Gorgeous in Grey recently posted these beauties on her Instagram account, basically asking her readers/friends if they would buy these heels from Zara at an absolute steel for $39.99. I, of course, immediately approved and almost as promptly, went to the Zara site and checked to see if they had my size. Fortunately/unfortunately for the man, they had my size in stock and the rest was history! I was hoping they would be delivered in time for the rehearsal dinner and much to my happy surprise, Zara has a distribution center basically down the street from me, meaning the shoes got to me the very next day. Wonderbra!

Zara High Heel Platform Ankle Bootie
Wedding Day Shoes:

Please see multiple posts on the shoes of my dreams. If you haven't heard me talk about these then we are obviously in need of some catching up!

Dancing Shoes:

These shoes are from Chinatown in San Francisco. I went from wearing Valentino to wearing $5 deals but I danced and dance and danced in these babies... plus I looked so adorable!

What do you think of my choices this past weekend?


  1. Was just looking at sneakers today...the gym is calling and you wanna make sure you look good rocking it :) helps keeping you motivated!

  2. Congrats!! Love the wedding shoes! They are gorgeous!

    xx PH

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