Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why to Love the Online Crafting Community

Man, as I become more immersed in all that is the Online Crafting/ Creative Community, I am amazed at how absolutely awesome it is... and I will tell you one reason why... it's all very personal.

When shopping in the same Joann's fabrics that everyone else is, I assure you it loses its allure quickly plus I just get the feeling my fabric has been "shopped" and that I am forced to use what everyone else is using. Knocks your feeling of "one of a kind" down a couple notches, ain't no lie.Obviously I searched around for some ecclectic and original stores in my area but they really are few and far between oooooor a drive and a half to get to.

I have found an online fabric distributor that is absolutely adorable and it's fun to shop the colorful and interesting site. Pink Chalk Fabrics has a GREAT assortment of fabrics and patterns and when it's all said and done, the woman who runs the joint, signs your order and thanks you personally. I mean, no one writes me a thank you note when I shop ANYWHERE unless its handmade or in the crafting community... oooor your rare Ebay seller. I love that personal touch that really makes you feel like you are dealing with human beings and not computers!
Check out the snippets of my weekly newsletter (adorable), some of the interesting and not your run of the mill fabrics and some of the pattern offerings that make this site my go-to.

I mean, this is just one of many sites in the crafting community that caters to us crafty peeps and also keeps it real. Can ya dig? Anyone have any recommendations on their fave fabric place or online crafting extravaganza?

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