Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coming Up with a Logo...

So I am working with a friend to design a header for my blog and to also help her build her portfolio... nothing like lifting eachother up! So here is a question that I pose to you... If I were to include a tank (like a military tank) in my logo but were to have then obviously not for war but for fun girly things (let's say hearts and martinis shooting out of one- buttons and stars out of another- kittens and rainbows out of another) would you consider those tanks offensive? (see below, very preliminary sketch) The tanks would not be your regular camo colored jobbies... we would def be more creative with it.

One can never be too careful these days, especially with the sensitivity to war and what our country has faced. I would like to be clever in design but also would like to have people drawn to it rather than offended by it.

Will you weigh in? Good idea or not so hot idea....

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  1. The tanks are cute. There is nothing wrong with mixing "manly" stuff with "girly" stuff. Now is the time in history where you can freely express yourself and in theory, nothing bad will come of it. If someone has a serious aversion to your logo, they can suck it. It's your logo and if you truly love it, then go with it. (Plus, mixing war-like things with women things already happened in the 1940's under FDR. Think "Rosie the Riveter"). I vote yes to the tanks!


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