Monday, September 27, 2010

Girl Powah!

I know what you thought of... Spice Girls... I get it. And listen, I like the Spice Girls too, don't get me wrong (Wannabe, anyone? Bueller?)... but the girl power that I am talking about here is that of the every day gals that we see in real life. Yes, Victoria Beckham has made a name for herself and has a fashion line and all that jazz but I'm talking about your regular girl next door type that creates something from nothing but a dream (cheeze alert!)

I am totally an Etsy lover. I am totally an arts and crafts blogger slash follower of arts and crafts blogs. I am totally a supporter of the handmade movement. I am a lover of all things unique. Nothing makes me happier when us girls are the ones creating community and sharing our shared love of anything on the nets. The online crafting community, consisting of so many fabulous women such as myself, is so much bigger and better than I could have imagined. I am digging in and trying to get myself acclimated/ familiar with all the fabulous ladies online... but there are so many, that it's going to be hard to do anytime soon! I have really become fond of daily updates from women around the country, feeling almost as if I have all these online friends that are in the same boat. In reality, I don't HA but I have started making some connections here and there.


Where Women Create (with sister project of Where Women Cook) offer a an online community that encourages sharing, creation and connecting with like minded gals. Right this moment, I don't have quite the biz I would like going on so sooooomeday Where Women Create, someday. For right now, I am following crafting gals on Twitter and Facebook, adding special blogs to my ereader and really trying to immerse myself in and become part of this online crafting community. So far so good and with steady pace, I'll get there. For now though? All I can say is, brace yourself,  "Girl Powah!"

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