Friday, September 17, 2010

Handmade Movement

Recently, due to my urge to make things with my hands (with some success but more learning experiences), I have been exploring the wide world of handmade and original products ranging from art to clothing to bags and everything in between, a love affair that started with Etsy but has evolved into the exploration of all the is creative and awesome on the nets and real life. Some of my faves are cool and original but also have great personalities that keep me interested in not just their products but their comings and goings as well ( I do not stalk in real life just on blogs).

I didn't realize that there was such a vast movement on the internet, a handmade community of crafters and artists that not only contribute by making items but also by vowing to buy handmade if at all possible, especially when gifting. I have totally signed up for "A Crafty Holiday"a blogging chain letter of sorts for the holiday season, where bloggers highlight handmade and encourage others to do the same. Real people with real passion creating unique items to be loved in a real way.

Check out The Artist's House aka Angela Flicker: "My desire is to really make a difference outside of me, to challenge all our readers, family, and friends to think about the way they buy this holiday season.  I want to encourage, rather inspire, everyone to buy “crafty” and handmade, and to help people realize that by buying from artists they are buying from real people."

I'd also like to push eco friendly fare if at all possible but I know that is probably harder to come by. Staaaaht small, Manders. I took a pledge to buy handmade and you can too, click here.

Some flavie blogs of note: Gussy Sews,The Artist's House, Sew Mama Sew and Candied Fabrics
Estyshoplove? My Girl Thursday and Printmaker Jenn

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