Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life is Good Festival Really Did Spread the Good Vibes

This past weekend, I volunteered at the Life is Good festival and let me tell you, it was quite the enjoyable experience. Life is Good is all about spreading the good vibes and let me tell you, that even on 3 hours of sleep, I had such a good time "working" for the VGP (Very Good Person) Hospitality tent.

I didn't party or anything on Saturday night, I just had one of those nights where you lay down to go to sleep and your brain is moving a mile a minute, then you bob and weave in and out of sleep, then the last time you look at the clock its 3am. VOILA! Instant tired on the day you are volunteering at a festival geared towards raising money for a foundation for kids in threatening situations. Our goal was to stay chipper and encouraging ALL day long. I thought I would be hard pressed to keep my good attitude up all day. No so.

I was actually the first volunteer there for my station, the VGP tent where fundraisers were given Chipotle, drinks, closer viewing areas to the stage and other sort of VGP perks. It was raining and I am going to be honest with myself that I was a smidgen crankay! As soon as things got rolling I couldn't have been cranky if I tried. EVERYONE was so happy and fun loving. We really were ambassadors of high-fives and kind words and it really felt great. The founders were just hanging out, thanking us for our hard work... so accessible. The whole day was a great one and so what I was physically tired... I didn't really notice until I was on the shuttle back to parking (that's when it hit me!)

I really hope that they have another festival next year because I will be the first in line to volunteer and I already told manfriend he was going with me next time. It was awesome and so were the people!

If you ever get the chance to volunteer for a good cause, just do it. You'll always feel soooooo much better about a gift you can give just through action... and that's the truth.

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