Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DO IT YOURSELF... My Way of Feeling Good

Tara from posed a great question today, "Why do you DIY?"

I thought I would share a quick blurb about why I do it myself, when I can.

Doing it on your own is often very rewarding (and yes, sometimes frustrating). In my personal opinion? From making placemats to fixing a broken zipper, doing things for myself is a way to satisfy my daily yearning for originality, even in small ways. Working in my 9-5 job, I am rarely afforded the opportunity to express myself creatively. Creating after hours is my way of countering that creative time suck... More often than not, you can find me working on one of multiple projects that are in progress (due to a somewhat lack of direction on my part)... it's my way of releasing the day's stress, relaxing at home but also not losing my feeling of productivity in spare time. I really feel like I have an artistry for life even in my day to day!

Some of my favorite sites for finding new projects slash inspiration from other "Do it yourselfers"? I love the communities of  Burdastyle and Craftster, the daily giveasways at  I Love to Create, and believe it or not, I like to go to the fabric store on my lunch break... You are almost guaranteed to wait in a decent sized line there (due to lack of register staffing) so I take that time to ask other people what they are making or planning to do. You'd be surprised at how someone else's idea can spark a great one in you!

PS. Poor Michael Bolton on Dancing with the Stars... don't hate, I love me some Michael Bolton.

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